2-Step Content Strategy for Achieving Your Marketing Goals
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2-Step Content Strategy for Achieving Your Marketing Goals

2-Step Content Strategy for Achieving Your Marketing Goals

Content marketing, done the right way, can help to create a good dialogue between you and your customers, which will lead to significant business results. At the end of the day, the conversion ratio from words to revenue is every marketer’s aim. However, to achieve this desired result, you need a plan that will address two very basic elements: what to write and who will write it.

Creating your Content Strategy

For a content marketing strategy, context is everything from your customer’s point of view, so the best way to start this would be by asking questions such as:

1. Who do I want to read it?

2. What action(s) do I want them to take?

For a B2B audience, your content should be able to do more than just inspire action. It must also educate and deliver facts, as well as help you sell ideas to your readers.

For a B2C audience, the decision making of your readers will be based on their opinions about what is best for them. In this case, they require less information about your product and service and are more affected by emotion.

To create results-oriented content, you must have clear points, such as being aware of your business goals, optimizing your content for search engine visibility, and as your content starts attracting attention, serving up additional calls to action.

As you take a deep dive by brainstorming topics, you will likely come up with a larger number of topics than your resources can support. If so, resolve this problem by identifying the strongest topics giving attention to volume (i.e., audience reach) and value (i.e., benefit to your business).

Creating your Writing Strategy

The Content Marketing Institute states in a blog post, “Marketing is impossible without great content.” And great content takes great writers. Herein lies one of your biggest challenges.

It is difficult to obtain a skilled professional with the right kind of knowledge and experience who can align with your business objectives, develop an understanding of the topics, and adhere to timelines. So, if your company is new to content marketing it could be tough to decide if you want to hire someone full time or use several freelancers. One of the best ways to determine what you want is by weighing the costs.

Before you decide to hire a writer or several writers, determine the type of content you need, consider that each writer will have a different writing style, varied skills, industry knowledge, experience, and strengths.

Clarity is most important for any content marketing plan. For some of the most effective marketers, this would mean having a documented strategy in place and an effective workforce that can work it. Rest assured that a well-designed plan can place you ahead of 70% of marketers who might not be sure if their marketing efforts are working.

Want to take the two steps toward content strategy success? Click on the link below to watch a quick video and to download the whitepaper.

2-Step Content Strategy for Achieving Your Marketing Goals

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