Women’s History Month Interview Series with Shirmattie Seenarine

Women’s History Month Interview Series with Shirmattie Seenarine, Director of Communications, Deltapath

Shirmattie Seenarine

Women’s History Month Interview Series 2019

Welcome to TechFunnel.com’s interview series for Women’s History Month where we are celebrating female executives, CEOs, business owners, and creators across various industries.

Joining us today is Shirmattie Seenarine.

As a believer in making every word count, Shirmattie delivers content that captures a company’s mission statement and value proposition while facilitating customer acquisition and retention.  She also creates brand awareness by building a company’s social media presence, delivering website content, writing press releases, marketing materials, keynote speeches, and content for other projects.

Before devoting herself full-time as the Director of Communications at Deltapath Inc., a unified communications company in Silicon Valley, California, Shirmattie had a successful track record as a technical communications writer, published author with SAMS Publishing, and has written many articles for Techtarget.com. Her diverse experiences and extensive skillsets stem from working in many industries: financial services, high tech, public sector, and internet startups. Shirmattie is also a strong advocate for diversity and inclusion in the workplace and is heavily involved in the community.

In this interview, Shirmattie shares what a typical day looks like for her, the impact of having more women in the workplace has on society, and what inspired her to become a writer.


Connect with Shirmattie: LinkedIn | Website

Danni White
Danni White
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