Will Artificial Intelligence Kill Our Jobs?

Will Artificial Intelligence Kill Our Jobs?

Will Artificial Intelligence Kill Our Jobs?

A global survey conducted among machine learning experts suggests that it could be 120 years before all the human jobs are taken over by artificial intelligence and powered by machines and algorithms.

According to the report, AI is expected to reshape the transportation, health, science, and finance industries on a large scale, while also facilitating smaller daily operations of some firms.

A common misconception among people is that AI is superior to human intelligence in all tasks. In actuality, this is improbable, but not altogether impossible.

Noel Sharkey, a robotics and AI expert at Sheffield University said, “Survey results about the future can be useful within a five to 10 year range. That is the foreseeable future. Once we get beyond that, it is pure speculation. I don’t know if it will ever be able to get up in the morning and understand my partner’s mood or if the dog needs to go out, or to make meaningful human decisions. And why would we want that anyway? Even if it was possible, we might reject it within 40 years.”

Here is an infographic giving a more realistic view on why AI may not be killing jobs even though it might seem so:

Megha Shah for TechFunnel.com

Megha Shah
Megha Shah
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