What You Should Know About the IBM POWER9 System

What You Should Know About the IBM POWER9 System


Did you know that approximately 80% of Fortune 100 companies use IBM Power Systems?   

Yes. It’s true. Companies around the world in a broad range of sectors including retail, insurance, and finance rely on the stability of IBM Power Systems to meet the demands of customers and clients and drive innovation every day.

IBM Power Systems are designed to match your enterprise’s workloads, budget, and IT environment.  These enterprise-class servers are a combination of availability, security, cloud management, scale, and leadership performance. The family of servers, which includes accelerated servers, enterprise servers, hyperconverged servers, and scale-out servers, maintains a position as the most reliable server in the industry. 

It’s likely you have heard of IBM Power Systems, but if you are just getting started in data organization or are deploying the very first AI-based application in your company, there are some things you should know. 


IBM Power Systems are enterprise cloud-ready. They integrate into the hybrid or private cloud setup that your organization may currently have and offer several flexible consumption models. For example, the PowerVM is used for data and mission-critical applications and allows for scale computing and on-demand memory.  

The ITIC Global Server Hardware Reliability Report of 2017-2018 ranked IBM Power Systems #1 for the tenth consecutive year in every major category when it comes to delivering reliable on-premises infrastructure around the clock. From the operating system to the processor, IBM Power Systems are designed with end-to-end security in mind that spans the entire system. 

IBM Power Systems deliver major advantages when it comes to performance and price. They allow you to tackle your most complex computing challenges and are designed to support some of the most data-intensive applications in the industry.   

IBM has traditionally been the go-to computer vendor for reliable and secure solutions. With the suite of IBM POWER9 scalable servers and platforms alongside advanced research in computing architectures and artificial intelligence, IBM will likely remain a major leader in the industry. IBM Power Systems provide a solid foundation for moving or improving your IT infrastructure in the cloud.   

To learn more about the benefits and value of adding IBM POWER9 enterprise servers to your IT infrastructure goals, watch this on-demand webinar. 

Danni White
Danni White
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