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Walmart is Planning to Make Its Own Tablet

Walmart is Planning to Make It's Own Tablet

One of Walmart‘s biggest competitors is Amazon, and as it aims to be one of the world’s biggest companies, another big competitor is Apple.

With one move, Walmart is now aiming to trash the competition. Walmart is planning to release an inexpensive tablet under its in-house ONN brand, a spokesperson for the company has confirmed to Bloomberg. The report claims the device will be manufactured by a Chinese supplier, powered by Android, and is expected to be aimed at kids.

Despite its recent failures in the tech space, what is different about the upcoming Android tablet is that it will be aimed at the budget end of the market. Its main competitor will be Amazon, which produces tablets like the $79.99 Fire HD 8 and $149 Fire HD 10 — both of which are available as child-friendly Kids Editions.

No specifics regarding pricing or availability for Walmart’s Tablets have been released yet. It is, however, known that at least one of the new tablets have been certified by the Federal Communications Commission. If Walmart finds the right price for its tablets, it could find its niche in the electronics market, which is currently led by Apple.

A Walmart spokesperson confirmed to CNBC “a private brand tablet is in the works” but wouldn’t comment further.

The devices will be sold under Walmart’s ONN brand, according to photos of the device filed with the FCC.

Megha Shah
Megha Shah
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