Why You Should Start Using A VPN Immediately

By TechFunnel Contributors - Last Updated on June 16, 2020
VPN: Virtual Private Network

Guest Contribution by Sherryn de Vos

Do you run a small business out of your home? Does this small business have a webpage? Chances are that if you have a business, the answer to the second question is yes.

Did you know that there are hacking attacks every 39 seconds? This means that you and your clients could be at risk at any given moment!

While we are going to discuss some security features of VPNs, we’re also going to tell you a few other benefits of choosing to use a virtual private network. Keep reading for more information!

First Up: You Can Beef up Your Personal Security

The internet is the world’s largest network. To connect to this network, your computer has an Internet Protocol address, otherwise known as an IP address. This address can give most people a general location from which you are connecting.

Unfortunately, some of the more skilled internet users may use your IP address to gain information about you, your business, or even your exact location. This is never really a pleasant thought and is a severe invasion of privacy.

A virtual private network will help you avoid most of the probability of this happening, leading to a safer internet experience for both you and your business.

Sharing Files is Easier

Using a VPN will allow you to share files with other users all over the world for an extended period of time. Basically, you will be able to access other documents on your company’s network no matter where you are located in the world.

This makes it far easier to work from home (or while exploring the world) without the risk of having private data exposed.

In addition to sharing files easily with coworkers, you can also use torrents in a safer manner than you normally would. Torrenting without a virtual private network is asking for trouble; if you’re currently doing so, stop this practice and check out the Woofresh review of IPvanish VPN! IPvanish is one of the few providers that promise complete privacy when torrenting.

Your Website is Protected

One of the biggest problems with small business websites is that they can spread malware like wildfire. A hacker can potentially get into your site and find credit card information, personal data, as well as details about any of your clients.

No matter what type of website you use to host, a VPN can help protect it. However, there is a list of the best VPNs for WordPress users which takes special consideration to those who use this site to host.

When your website is protected from hackers, not only is your information secure, but your clients are also safer. This will inadvertently help retain business as most people will quickly find a new company to use if there is a data breach and their information is leaked.

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Navigating Around Government Control

Certain governments are famous for exerting control over their people. This includes the viewing of certain types of content and even the purchase of certain, harmless goods. Some governments prefer that U.S. websites aren’t accessed.

Because of these restrictions, you may face issues selling to certain markets. A VPN will help bounce your IP address all around the world which will allow your potential customers to use your site or purchase your goods.

Additionally, if you happen to be traveling in one of these countries with restricted access to the internet, you will find that you can access far more through your virtual private network than you would by simply using a basic connection.

Accessing Other Websites

Some websites (like Netflix, for instance) will use your IP address to determine which content they distribute to you. While it’s unlikely you’ll need to access Netflix for business purposes, you might be attempting to research certain topics with results limited to the area of the world you’re in.

A VPN allows you the access you need (for whatever reason) to the sites that distribute content differently in various parts of the world. This is especially helpful if you happen to have a blog or content creation business and need access to certain websites that are otherwise unavailable or offer alternative content due to your location.

Performance is No Longer an Issue

While many articles may lead you to believe otherwise if you happen to find the right VPN for you, your internet speeds may actually increase. Certain VPNs will actually encrypt your internet traffic which means your provider can’t really see what you’re doing.

This is most often true when your internet provider ‘throttles’ or slows down your internet because you tend to use a lot of bandwidth.

Although certain VPN users may find no difference in their internet speeds, people who tend to get throttled often will certainly notice an increase in their uploading and downloading speeds!


Every small business owner wants to ensure that whatever product he/she uses is cost-effective and worth whatever money is spent. Opting to use a VPN simply means more security when using the internet and is usually less than $10 per month.

A VPN comes with very little required maintenance and you can rest assured that your browsing sessions aren’t ever going to be injected with malware. Malware can be as simple as stealing information or as complicated as causing your computer to crash.

You’ll still need to be careful when downloading random files but when using a VPN you will be more protected than when you were using any other type of connection.

You Can Never Be Too Careful

If you own a small business and operate a website, using a virtual private network is the way of the future. Obviously, there are numerous benefits to using this type of connection and no real drawbacks.

Aside from the fact that there aren’t many drawbacks, you can also feel more secure in knowing that you, your data, and anything stored on your site will be protected from hackers and people wishing to cause harm.


Sherryn de Vos is living in the beautiful city of Cape Town. She worked with a startup brand that launched in South Africa called GoBeauty where she was assisted with content generation, as well as conceptualized events focused on women’s health, entrepreneurship, careers, and tech to run alongside the brand. She has extensive experience in writing and uses a lot of her practical experience to create useful content in the business, finance and marketing world.

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TechFunnel Contributors | TechFunnel.com is an ambitious publication dedicated to the evolving landscape of marketing and technology in business and in life. We are dedicate...

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