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Twitter Rolled Out “Go Live Together” Feature to Periscope

Twitter Rolled Out "Go Live Together" Feature to Periscope

Twitter just globally rolled out the “Go Live Together” feature with its live-streaming app called Periscope. The new feature makes it more than just another chat feature.

Thanks to Twitter, a chat can be like a conversation, which now with the new feature also allows people from the audiences to the chat. The guest can be heard by everyone and can exit the conversation easily. This is a nice benefit of the feature for many who want to use this technology advancement for professional use. Being able to keep it clean and know who is on the line with the live-streaming app is nicer for professionals and business people using the new feature.

CEO Jack Dorsey from Twitter confirmed that the company is considering adding support for editing tweets on the app. Important news arrived on November 7, 2017, when the limit of a tweet doubled from the initial limit of 140 characters for most languages.

Broadcasters can read and respond to chats allowing for more flexibility with conversations. The change can apply for market promotions and technology reviews. The launch of Go Live Together allows for viewers to call in and join a discussion with voice features. Micro-blogging is an amazing way to send blogs within a certain length for devices and desktop computers. Twitter participants can choose to be part of the group. Periscope, which was acquired by Twitter before the launch in 2015, is a live video streaming app for iOS and Android.

These new developments can help charitable organizations gain more support for their cause. The talk show format can help them also get more funding with benefits to their work. This twitter announcement is smart for people to understand with any types of promotions they are looking at launching. The list of followers can participate in conversations through the talk show format. The available feature is for both iOS and Android users.

On-the-go travelers can enjoy the features and Twitter can become an excellent way to get news published. The news stories are something Twitter has discussed as a line feed to the conversations. This enables the user to join in for specific discussions. The micro-blogging site has been working on new features including putting news stories top on the timeline. The capabilities are impressive, and the benefits are helpful.

Promotions can be healthy for a company with Twitter as another way of having conversations with those interested. Twitter is supposed to make sure there are ways to have a conversation, and this new feature is amazing for the market audience.

Danni White
Danni White
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