Top Cryptocurrency Projects to Watch in 2020

By Marianne Chrisos - Last Updated on September 8, 2020

Artificial intelligence continues to power innovation across industries. In addition to being a driving force in changing business management, HR processes, and other fields, it’s creating huge advances in another tech area – cryptocurrency. Combining AI with cryptocurrency and blockchain technology, tech entrepreneurs and engineers are creating the next evolution of cryptocurrency applications.

What are the cryptocurrency projects to watch in 2020?

Here are some of the most interesting and promising cryptocurrency projects in development now.

Cryptocurrency projects to watch

  1. Cryptoindex: Want to get some insight into what the next Bitcoin could be? This AI platform can help. They’ve created a cryptocurrency market known as the Cryptoindex100, which uses a proprietary algorithm to create a fully-automated cryptocurrency index after calculating a number of data sources. Each crypto coin is evaluated and reevaluated to provide value to buyers through a series of neural networks that can offer predictions based solely on data without the input or error factors associated with human bias.
  1. SingularityNET: The technology behind SingularlityNET is the same technology as Sophia, a robot who made international news. Now SingularityNET is offering a “democratic” approach to AI by offering a global network of AI algorithms, services, and agents that anyone can take advantage of. For research, monetization, and more, SingularityNET has the opportunity to allow for significant strides in the cryptocurrency space.
  1. AICoin: AICoin is a trading and investment company that focuses on helping investors find success in both long and short-term capital generation strategies. They claim their technology is the first investment collective devoted to building wealth by using artificial intelligence and blockchain technology. Their AI models learn to identify and trade the patterns which are hidden from everyone else in the cryptocurrency space. The token holders in this investment collective then vote via smart contract on which start-up should receive investment capital. Over time, these investments are sold for a profit – which is added to the revenue being earned from trading cryptocurrency.
  1. DateCoin: What if the technology that powers the success of buying and selling cryptocurrency can help those looking for love in the world of online dating? While this project won’t help people get rich off the next big cryptocurrency trend, it might help people find love. The goal of DateCoin is to use AI technology to prevent online daters from being catfished or spammed by bots. In this way, bringing together AI, blockchain – the authentication behind cryptocurrency like Bitcoin – and online dating is a good match. Plus, DateCoin already has a connection in the dating service industry by a backing by Denim.
  1. AutoNIO: Imagine an AI-based cryptocurrency-centered Wall Street-informed trading floor. This is a close description of AUTONIO. With knowledge of Wall Street’s automated, high-frequency trading industry, this project is working to generate buy and sell signals based on the AI-analysis of current cryptocurrency trends. With sophisticated algorithms, it can analyze the cryptocurrency market actions like time, price, orders, volume, and more. It’s an important project to watch for anyone interested in successful cryptocurrency trading.
  1. Matrix: This project combines some of the biggest tech trends in 2019: open source software, blockchain, and AI. They are working to create a ground-breaking cryptocurrency that boasts faster transaction speeds while also being accessible to general users. Bolstered by advanced security that protects users from data attacks, it’s a smart project to pay attention to for anyone interested in cryptocurrency technology or cryptocurrency become more accessible and widely adopted.
  1. Peculium: This project wants to use blockchain and AI tech to help users save their assets. This AI-driven savings account works to “provide anyone the opportunity to protect and grow their hard-earned money securely and safely for long-term use such as retirement investment, education funding or emergency fund.” With advanced analytics and security features, this technology has the potential to make asset management easier and more effective than ever.
  1. Caspian: As cryptocurrency technology ages, existing crypto funds will mature and available assets will become more accessible to general audiences used to dealing with traditional currency options. Caspian endeavors to help with both by providing the tools to help crypto investors with a dashboard that allow them to build and control their own funds. Users can allocate and re-balance assets in order to manage all funds across major exchanges. With an advanced cryptocurrency trade and risk management interface users have more visibility and control in various exchanges, trades, and assets in a portfolio.

Why are AI-powered cryptocurrency projects worth paying attention to?

Businesses and investors alike should pay at least some attention to the projects that are blending the business-changing technologies of AI and blockchain. These two forces have the potential to change the business landscape for industries all over the world. While these projects may not be specifically interesting or relevant to your business or personal investments, they may have ripple effects that could create a wide-spread impact.

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Marianne Chrisos | Born in Salem, Massachusetts, growing up outside of Chicago, Illinois, and currently living near Dallas, Texas, Marianne is a content writer at a c...

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