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Top 5 Open-Source Application Performance Monitoring Tools

Top 5 Open-Source Application Performance Monitoring Tools

Without an application performance monitoring tool to analyze and verify the effectiveness of your applications, it’s impossible to thoroughly understand just how well your applications are performing and benefiting your business. Open-source application performance monitoring tools allow you to verify that users are receiving the best experience possible and that your apps are not only functional but efficient and user-friendly as well.

Open-source application performance monitoring tools are a great alternative to paid application performance monitoring tools because they allow you to verify which tool best fits your needs, without spending lots of money. Let’s take a look at some open-source application performance monitoring tools you can use to effectively engage customers, thoroughly understand how your applications are performing, and improve your customer satisfaction efforts.

Open-Source Application Performance Monitoring Tools

1. Prometheus

This leading open-source cloud monitoring tool is a great tool to monitor your cloud applications because it not only deals with time series monitoring, among other things, but it’s also backed by some major brands including Google, IBM, and RedHat. Originally developed by SoundCloud, Prometheus has developed into an advanced system toolkit capable of monitoring many resources including language run-times, application stacks, and Hadoop clusters.

2. Weave Scope

This open-source application performance monitoring tool covers many aspects including monitoring, visualization, management, troubleshooting, and even allows users to create a map of their application, requiring no coding or setup. Weave Scope not only allows users to monitor and control their stack but learn what their containers are doing and why. This open-source monitoring tool is not only quick but saves tons of time for developers as well.

3. Zabbix

This enterprise-class open-source monitoring tool offers real-time monitoring, hardware monitoring, VMware monitoring, and even provides users with a built-in Java application server. Zabbix also offers many other features including auto-discovery, mapping, and even scalability from data collected from servers, virtual machines, and network devices. Zabbix is able to perform almost three million checks a minute so you can guarantee that this monitoring tool is effectively monitoring your applications.

4. Graphite

This popular open-source application performance monitoring tool has been around for over a decade but is still utilized by many large organizations including GitHub, Reddit, and Salesforce. A major reason Graphite is still very popular with large companies is that it offers a level of automation where all new data points are automatically created in the database. A major setback of Graphite though is that it is essentially three separate tools that work together for the best results. Also, Graphite does not collect metrics or even come with a metric gatherer but finding a common metric gatherer is simple and integrating it with Graphite is easy.

5. Riemann

Another popular stand-alone open-source application performance monitoring tool, Riemann is a stream processor. Many users use Riemann to aggregate and process event streams and it can even be used to feed events to a user’s Prometheus database. With Riemann, users can easily collect data from metrics, logs, events, hosts, and services, then create stores, graphs, and alerts.

What open-source application performance monitoring tools do you use?

The most successful DevOps teams have a few open-source application performance monitoring tools in their arsenal. As open source application performance monitoring tools continue to develop and new players enter the scene, it’s essential to stay up-to-date with the best tools on the market to ensure that not only your applications are running smoothly but that you’re offering customers the best experience possible as well.

With the right open-source application performance monitoring tools in your arsenal, you can guarantee that your applications are performing the way you want them to.

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