Top 4 Applications for Using Artificial Intelligence in Business

By Mohammad Ali Sultani - Last Updated on June 4, 2020
Top Applications for Using Artificial Intelligence in Business

Rather than stealing jobs, artificial intelligence is helping people do their jobs better.

Artificial intelligence is making the world a better place.

The concept of artificial intelligence is booming, and there is no doubt as to why that is. Reports show AI has been the center of attention for many technology companies in recent years. It is estimated to be one of the fasting growing industries in the next five years. Artificial intelligence is helping to shape businesses for the better, with the implementation of strategic advancements.

Investing in AI has become a norm in the past few months, with large companies implementing AI into their platforms. Amazon and Facebook are among the many major enterprises that have structured artificial intelligence into their system. AI in business decision-making strategies has become a crucial part of technology companies, and it is important to note why.

Few AI Trends to Follow in the World of Business

Natural Language Generation: This form of AI works to convert data into text. It enables computers to transfer ideas with precision and is currently being used in customer service reports to create in-depth market summaries. Examples of businesses that use natural language generation include Digital Reasoning, Lucidworks, Narrative Science, SAS and Yseop.

Speech Recognition: This application is something we interact with on a daily basis, as smartphones have implemented voice recognition for various apps and interactive systems. It allows users to be more versatile with their cellular devices and promotes efficiency.

Machine Learning: Machines have become more intelligent than ever, as various interfaces begin to implement the strategy to enhance their learning algorithms. Machine learning has allowed Google to provide users relevant content, rather than random and unwanted ads.

Robotics: Artificial intelligence has the capability to change our daily lives in virtually every aspect with robotics. Spread, a lettuce production company in Japan announced its plan to create a farm staffed with robots that will harvest around 30,000 lettuce heads per day. It is common for robots to work in various factories as well, with most production lines having some sort of robotics to promote efficiency in quantity.

Businesses have profited from AI already, and it is no question that it will only become more important. According to Medium, “Artificial Intelligence has the potential to streamline business processes, improve customer services and leverage sensor-driven data for marketing and advertising. By 2019 the global content analytics, discovery and cognitive systems market will be worth $9.2 billion.”

Some worry that artificial intelligence will be the reason many workers will be out of a job in the coming years, but many experts agree that AI won’t lead to an unemployment crisis. Instead, it will create smart programs that will provide companies with strategic ideas to use their resources more effectively. The result will be an increase in productivity and funds and easier work on behalf of employees.


The artificial intelligence trends to follow include the ones stated here, but the wonderful thing about AI is that there are more ways it can be utilized. With various companies taking advantage of AI, it seems the possibilities are limitless.

Mohammad Ali Sultani | Mohammad Sultani is currently an undergraduate at the University of San Diego pursuing a degree in Political Science and English. As an experienced writer for various technology, law, and political news outlets, he has shown great potential in his writings and hopes to continue developing his skills. With the goal of becoming an established lawyer and writer, Mohammad is determined to help those in need on both ends of the spectrum.

Mohammad Ali Sultani | Mohammad Sultani is currently an undergraduate at the University of San Diego pursuing a degree in Political Science and English. As an experienced...

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