The 5 Technologies that Cisco Thinks Will Transform Networking in 2019

These Are the 5 Technologies that Cisco Thinks Will Transform Networking in 2019

These Are the 5 Technologies that Cisco Thinks Will Transform Networking in 2019

In today’s world, networking isn’t just important, it is necessary. The networking field is changing fast – with the current rate of developments and advancements in technology, it could be difficult to keep up with all the latest trends. As we step into the new year, it is important to know which intelligent network management technologies will impact the networking community in 2019.

In order to ensure you’re prepared, Cisco has released a ranking of the 5 technologies that they believe will transform networking in 2019.

Here are the 5 technologies that Cisco thinks will transform networking in 2019:

#1. Wi-Fi 6

Wi-Fi 6, also called 802.11ax, is an upgrade on the current highest-speed Wi-Fi protocol in wide use. It brings a dramatic improvement in efficiency across all existing Wi-Fi frequency bands. It also increases the density of devices that can co-exist in a single space, further increasing the speed of all devices when there is more than one.

Wi-Fi 6 will eventually improve the experience for almost all wireless users, from office workers to people supporting constellations of IoT devices.

#2. 5G

This 2019, gone will be the days when 4G seemed to be the most amazing thing around. Consumers will be itching for 5G as carriers are expected to roll out limited installations that work on a small number of devices.

Throughout the next couple of years, 5G will bring improved speed and battery life to smartphones, as well as the growth of fixed wireless for residences. Wi-Fi 6 and 5G will coexist as critical wireless technologies for enterprises.

#3. Digitized Spaces

Digitized spaces are expected to be the NBT in tech in 2019, with its components already in place. High-res geolocation technology that operates on wireless radio devices, coupled with data mining software is paving the way for digitized spaces. Companies that adopt these technologies will get access to information about the users of their buildings that will open up new possibilities for business extensions and improvements.

#4. SD-WAN

The SD-WAN model for networking has existed for quite a while now. Still,  most corporate networks are based around centralized control, routing and security causing all network traffic in a large business to be back-hauled to the main data center.

In 2019, this model will still exist, but it will break down. SD-WAN will soon allow networks to route traffic based on centrally-managed roles and rules, no matter of the entry and exit points.

#5. Machine Learning

Machine learning is revolutionizing every aspect of a business and now it is all set to disrupt networking.  In 2019, companies will start to adopt Machine Learning to analyze the telemetry coming off networks to see these patterns, in an attempt to get ahead of issues such as performance optimization, financial efficiency, and security.

These technologies will definitely make networks even more important assets, that businesses can leverage to achieve massive growth.

“2019 is going to be a transformative year in enterprise networking,” said Anand Oswal, Senior Vice President of Engineering in Cisco’s Enterprise Networking Business. “Network operators will be preparing systems to support dramatically greater device density and data throughput, and they will be getting new analytics about their infrastructure use from the network itself. Network personnel will become more effective and efficient, thanks to improvements in centralized management tools and machine intelligence.”

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