The Best Password Managers for Business

The Best Password Managers for Business

Best Password Manager for Business

The best password protection options for your business.

Keep your passwords secure and organized with these password manager solutions.

Your passwords help keep your logins safe – but what keeps your passwords safe? More IT managers and information professionals are turning to password managers that protect your login information while simultaneously keeping all your passwords in once place for every account and user name you have. Here’s how to find the best password manager for your business needs.

Businesses often use several vendors and third-party services to provide insight, analysis, and other information for their employees. Things like project management systems and software, benefits and pay logins, email, file sharing services, and other things all require a user name and password. Not only does this lead to people forgetting their passwords, especially for sparely used sites, it can be a security risk (and an IT hassle) to manage all the administrative use rights to things. Also, the more logins a business has usually means the more places data is being stored and creates a higher risk of data leaks. Because of this, more companies are having their employees create one login and one master password for a password manager than can help to organize and secure disparate login information. Here are some options for your business.

Free Password Managers

For businesses on a budget, you can start with a free password management solution. These include:

LastPass: This is a great, well-known solution that securely stores password info in the cloud and can be accessed through most browsers.

KeePass: This desktop solution works as a Windows password manager, but also on Mac and Linux operating systems.

TrueKey: The free version of this solution allows for the storage of up to 15 passwords.

Symantec Norton Identity Safe: Norton is one of the leaders in IT security solutions, so people know they can trust this solution.

These are some of the top password manager systems to try as you get your employee passwords organized and secure.

Mobile Password Managers

Many people are on the go, doing business from their smart phone or tablet. Here are some of the best password manager apps to consider for mobile users.

Best Password Managers for Android Users

LastPass: This is a great option for Android users. There are some paid features for a small fee. This software is also available for desktop.

Google SmartLock: This is a native app on devices running Android operating software. It’s a totally free option for Android users.

Keepass2Android: This is a free password manager tool for Android users that offers many of the features of other paid options.

Best Password Managers for Apple Users

1Password: This app is popular among iPhone users and can be upgraded for $9.99 to allow you to store more data.

Keeper: This password manager organizes your passwords, is simple to use, and features multi-step authentication to secure your information. It’s free to download with an additional features subscription option.

Does your business use password management software? Do you think it’s important for password managers to be part of business best practices to add both security and convenience?

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