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Sprinklr and Snaps Integrate, Driving Human-Robot Interaction to Boost Customer Care via Social Media and SMS (WATCH)

Sprinklr and Snaps Integrate

Sprinklr, which bills itself as the world’s #1 social media management platform, has announced its integration with Snaps, the world’s leading conversational marketing platform. According to a Sprinklr press release, “The companies are launching the Sprinklr and Snaps Agent Handoff, which helps brands easily manage the transition between an automated chatbot and a human agent for complex customer care questions in Facebook Messenger, Twitter, and SMS.”

With the newly integrated software, brands will be able to provide a personalized experience on messaging platforms while reducing customer care costs.

Most customers who seek support online are familiar with chatbots — computer robots designed to help narrow down the customer’s problem and possibly find a solution without having to find a human agent. The difficulty comes when the chatbot isn’t able to resolve the customer’s issue and must hand the customer off to a human agent. The Sprinklr-Snaps integration aims to smooth out that process while also using social media platforms to communicate with customers.


According to the Sprinklr press release, the integration provides the following benefits.

  • Gives customers access to chatbots and responsive customer care agents via mobile and social applications they use daily.
  • Allows customer care agents to quickly turn bot automation on and off.
  • Automatically triggers agent support after someone types a designated number of characters.
  • Provides a full view of the customer’s conversation with the chatbot and the agent all in the Sprinklr platform.

Snaps CEO Christian Brucculeri said, “We’re thrilled to invest alongside Sprinklr in making seamless experiences for brand marketers. Today, consumers expect service in multiple channels at any time. We’re living in an instant generation. By integrating with Sprinklr, we’re helping brands solve one of their biggest problems: scaling commerce and customer service while maintaining customer satisfaction scores.”

Grad Conn, Sprinklr’s Chief Experience and Marketing Officer, put the integration in perspective: “Millennials are demanding that companies communicate with them with asynchronous messaging platforms — the way they talk to their friends. By 2025, 75% of the workforce will be millennials and customer care is going the same way, with most customer care experts predicting that 50% of all customer service requests will be managed over social media in the next two years. We’re excited to partner with Snaps to power this exciting transformation in customer care!”

Danni White
Danni White
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