Speed of Innovation in the Cloud: Top 5 Challenges

Speed of Innovation in the Cloud: Top 5 Challenges

Speed of Innovation in the Cloud Top 5 Challenges

The success of enterprises, companies, and start-ups in today’s time depend largely upon how they are able to adapt to and transform in accordance with the technological advancements. In this era of digital transformation, the one key to success is leveraging the power of enterprise cloud platforms.

While enterprise cloud platforms are getting more and more common by the day, there are 5 common challenges that companies face with the cloud:

Challenge #1: The world keeps getting faster.

However much you may try to keep up with the pace at which technology is advancing, you will always find yourself lagging behind. Therefore, enterprises need to ensure they succeed in the cloud, remain competitive, and constantly create new experiences for their customers.

Challenge #2: Customer experience is put at risk.

While trying to adapt to the constantly evolving technology, companies often forget that they have to ensure their customer experiences are not rendered poor. Companies must always ensure that the user expectations take precedence over quality testing and performance assurance.

Challenge #3: Mastering the cloud and micro-services is hard work.

Cloud architectures and dynamic environments require a new approach and sometimes, all new infrastructural setups. Not only this, but cloud platforms also have associated micro-services that IT officers need to master. All of this definitely not a day’s work, and has a huge learning curve associated.

Challenge #4: Siloed tools and teams hamper DevOps.

With cloud platforms, one of the most common challenges that the companies often are late to install new updates or upgrade their software. Since the code is passed back and forth between development and operations teams, causing the customer experience to suffer.

Challenge #5: Unplanned work is stifling innovation.

CIOs often have to pull resources away from digital transformation projects as IT departments constantly struggle to resolve performance problems, fix outages or bugs, and release maintenance updates. This to a great extent stifles innovation in the IT department.

Focusing on finding timely solutions for these challenges will ultimately be the key to success in holistically incorporating the enterprise cloud software.

Want to know more about innovation in the cloud? Click on the link below to watch a quick video and to download the whitepaper  Top 5 Challenges Organizations Face in Keeping Pace with Digital Innovation.

Megha Shah
Megha Shah
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