Snapchat Will Soon Release a Developer Platform

Snapchat Will Soon Release a Developer Platform

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Snapchat is preparing to build a more comprehensive market around its star app with the upcoming launch of a developers platform.

TechCrunch first broke the news of a developers kitTechCrunch. The company would make available to third-party app developers access to its login system and its augmented reality camera features, as well as to Bitmoji avatars.

For years, Snapchat has been proud of their relatively closed platform, but this movement may be the opportunity for a hungry developer market seeking to connect with the younger users of the social network.

The access to its AR camera feature is, probably, the more attractive opportunity for developers, even though Facebook and Instagram have copied the more free-wheeling spirit of Snap’s approach to the technology could open new business opportunities than those of its competitors.

Also, the new log-in system that Snapchat will be rolling out soon, one that will allow aloud users to authenticate third-party accounts using its credentials, will appeal to a more security-aware demographic that the one of Facebook.

This news adds to the earliest report of Snap’s openness to collaborate with developers: the Mashable report in late March that the Beta version of Snapchat included a new setting for connected apps.

Snapchat has declined every request for comment, but the Snapkit is undoubtedly coming soon.

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