Snapchat Launches Spectacles V2

Snapchat Launches Spectacles V2

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After losing 40 million in their first attempt at hardware, Snapchat is ready to give it another try with its new iteration of Spectacles, complete with a new price tag and features.

An FCC filling early this month described the new product as “wearable camera model 002.” Snapchat’s CEO, Evan Spiegel, confirmed the launching of Spectacles new glasses with a cost of $149.99 that will sell exclusively on Snap’s Spectacles website. Also, there are rumors of a more premium version of Spectacles with premium materials like aluminum that can cost as much as $300.

Spectacles V2 are available now in the US, UK, Canada, and France , with 13 more European countries following in May according to Techcrunchreported.

The new features and main differences with its predecessor are:

-Photos. You can now take pictures.
-Waterproof. Also, you can shoot underwaterredesign.
-New design. Three classier colors with lighter lenses.
-Prescription. You will have the option to put your prescription lenses into your Spectacles.
-Redesign. Faster syncing and a much slimmer frame with an improved charging case.

The launch is part of a strategy delineated by Spiegel in a recent interview in Wired, by which Snapchat wants to build its future in two independent branches: hardware and software. “We decouple them so that they’re all allowed to develop on their own until they come together,” Spiegel told Wired. “Over the next decade or so, the way that these pieces fit together will probably be what defines our company,” he told the magazine.

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