Slack Announces New Integrations with Microsoft Office 365 Apps

Slack Announces New Integrations with Microsoft Office 365 Apps

Slack Integrations with Microsoft Office 365 Apps

Slack is a very popular group of cloud-based online tools that were first released to the public in August 2019. Ever since these products were released, they have continued to do very well in terms of sales as there are a variety of practical applications available. These tools are used by many individuals and organizations due to the convenient means that it provides in terms of sharing data and communicating.

Ever since Slack was introduced it has been seen as a competitor to Microsoft and other software developers. While Slack has managed to take some market share due to its innovative products, the future growth continues to be dependent on the company’s ability to work with the larger players in the industry. Recently, the team at Slack announced that they will be working with Microsoft to integrate the software with Office 365. There are many ways that this integration will benefit the millions of people that use both Office products and Slack.

One of the features that users are excited about is the new calendar application. While the calendar on Outlook and status feature on Slack used to work independently, they will now be linked going forward. This will allow someone to identify a Slack user’s availability based on their active and shared calendar on Outlook.

Another feature that people will love with the new integration is an easier way to view files. While Microsoft Excel, Word, and PowerPoint files have been shared on Slack for years, there has never been a way for someone to see the file until they fully downloaded it. Now, with the new integration, someone will be able to quickly preview each of these files. When you find a file that you are interested in, you will now be able to get a quick glimpse into the content of the file. This could end up making it much easier for someone to determine whether a file is necessary.

While these new features will be popular with Slack users, they are not likely to be the last. Slack is continuing to look for new ways to integrate its products to help them serve a wider group of customers.

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Danni White
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