Sensu Raises $10 Million for Advanced Monitoring System for Hybrid Cloud Operations

Sensu Raises $10 Million for Advanced Monitoring System for Hybrid Cloud Operations

Sensu, makers of open-source software to enable companies to screen critical applications and other enterprise frameworks, has raised $10 million in Series A financing in a round driven by Battery Ventures.

Existing investors Foundry Group, of Boulder, Colorado partook as well. As a component of the financing, Battery General Partner Dharmesh Thakker is joining Sensu’s board. Sensu expects to utilize the returns to amplify its sales and marketing operations, subsidize product improvement, and keep growing the dynamic group of open-source developers adding to Sensu’s innovation.

“As more companies start using software to deliver value to customers, the availability of that software becomes even more important—even brief periods of downtime can result in big losses in revenue,” said Caleb Hailey, Sensu’s CEO. “But monitoring all that software and related infrastructure today is challenging because of the increasingly complex workloads companies are managing across cloud and hybrid systems, often using software developed in new ways thanks to the adoption of containers and container orchestration systems. As a modern, full-stack monitoring company born in the cloud, Sensu is uniquely suited to help solve this problem.”

In the same manner as other enterprise startups in the course of recent years, Sensu is building a business product around an open-source project. The Sensu mission can be utilized to screen the wellbeing of far-flung cloud services, sending alerts to colleagues when something has turned out badly and gathering metrics en route that may help counteract comparable issues later on. Sensu Enterprise is the business rendition of that project, and it costs between $99 and $999 depending on the number of servers you’ll need to screen your cloud condition. You likewise get client service that you won’t get in the event you attempt to install the open-source venture without anyone else, a key piece of the strategy of numerous new businesses working around open-source ventures.

“As cloud deployments across Amazon Web Services, Azure, Google, and the private cloud have recently exploded, ushering in new container and serverless technologies, modern monitoring solutions like Sensu’s — which are displacing legacy infrastructure technologies like Nagios — have become mission-critical for companies supporting rapid innovation cycles,” said Thakker in a written statement.

This way can be a troublesome one, be that as it may, in the event that one of the enormous cloud suppliers chooses to grasp the open-source venture at the center of your plan of action as a managed service.

Kashish Ambekar
Kashish Ambekar
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