SAP CIAM - A New B2B Solutions To Build Trusted Relationships

SAP Launches SAP CIAM- A New B2B Solutions To Help Companies Build Trusted Relationships

SAP Launches New B2B SaaS Solution Aimed at Helping Companies Build Trusted Relationships

Software as a Service (SaaS) giant SAP announced the launch of SAP Customer Identity and Access Management (SAP CIAM) solutions for B2B companies. The SAP CIAM suite was developed to help organizations forge trusted relationships with their business customers and partners as their user’s scale.

The new SAP CIAM solutions for B2B enable customers to:

  • Scale The software allows users to boost revenue growth by deploying a single solution to manage the entire lifecycle of the customer and partner digital identities, consent, authentication and authorization functions.
  • Streamline SAP CIAM simplifies and streamlines customer and partner access, thus reducing IT complexities whilst abiding by access control and management policies.
  • Safeguard The SAP CIAM shields companies against business risk exposure by capturing and tracking user preferences and consent from point of contact and throughout the tenure of relationship, thus building trust among partners and clients.


“Effective Experience Management is built on engaging customers and partners at every touch point,” said Ben Jackson, General Manager of SAP Customer Data Cloud. “Those first conversations are critical, as they set the tone for the relationship. As the relationship matures, so does the complexity of managing a potentially massive network of external stakeholders globally, with access to internal data. SAP CIAM for B2B is the first package of solutions that offers policy-based access control, looking at the wider context of who you are before granting a partner user access to data. As we reach the first anniversary of GDPR, we are now also providing a smarter way to manage a deeply complex ecosystem while maintaining trust.”

“When you’re working with multiple types of partner organizations, spread across the globe, the onboarding process could become overly complicated and difficult to manage,” said Blaine Carter, Chief Information Security Officer at FranklinCovey. “Solutions like SAP Customer Identity and Access Management for B2B offer the potential to automate our end-to-end partner onboarding process, which may accelerate time to market and reduce IT costs.”

Megha Shah
Megha Shah
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