Salesloft Launches AI-Powered Technology (WATCH) by TechFunnel

Salesloft Launches AI-Powered Technology (WATCH)

Salesloft Launches AI-Powered Technology

Atlanta-based sales engagement company, SalesLoft, recently announced the launch of its newest product, an Artificial Intelligence-powered call analytics tool.

This tool, dubbed “Meeting Intelligence,” is the result of SalesLoft’s acquisition of North Carolina based Noteninja.

Meeting Intelligence will be offered natively inside the platform as part of SalesLoft’s SaaS-based tiered-pricing services.

It works by joining in on the salesperson’s phone or video call with leads, listening and analyzing in real-time, and recording for later use. The AI-powered tool stores the entire conversation, converts it to text, and analyzes it based on keywords in both the pitch and in its response. Immediately after the call, the salesperson and other team members can jump right to any specific moment in the conversation to identify what went right, what went wrong, or determine what should be addressed in the future.


“It can give you back results such as ‘when your customers say these two words, they’re 23 percent more likely to convert to a client. Meeting Intelligence relies on the vast databank of sales data that SalesLoft has collected over seven years in operation — more than anyone else in the space, including Salesforce. So it’s the ultimate sales experience product because it gives you complete recall of what happened in the meeting,” says SalesLoft founder and CEO Kyle Porter.

In a statement, Porter noted that Salesforce is the “world leader in CRM,” but welcomed the entry of additional players into the competitive market. “I love seeing the recognition and validation of the need for ways to help reps deliver a better sales experience. The category is officially formed. We’re the leader, so let the games begin,” he said.

Porter also believes that Meeting Intelligence expands their user base — “any external-facing employee can benefit from gaining greater insight into their customer,” he says.

SalesLoft has been witnessing a period of rapid growth since they closed their $50 million Series C fundraising round earlier this year. They were named the seventh fastest growing technology company in North America by Deloitte, and according to Porter, the company is “on track to double revenue this year.”

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