Salesforce Releases B2B Software Including Interaction Studio

Salesforce Releases B2B Software Including Interaction Studio

On June 13, Salesforce launched its new B2B E-commerce software at its Connections conference held in Chicago, Illinois.

This new software is the result of the company’s recent acquisition of CloudCraze and moves the company closer to its goal of providing an integrated suite of cloud software applications designed to help companies better understand and sell to other businesses as well as individual consumers.

“We’re able to create a consumer-like shopping experience for B2B customers that’s built natively on the same platform,” Bobby Jania, Salesforce Vice President of Product Marketing, told eWEEK.  “It’s the same experience for resellers and wholesalers as a consumer shopping on the site. There may be a smaller volume of orders, but the complexity is much higher with different shipping dates and locations across multiple purchase orders, so there is a huge value in bringing this together in one system.”

A key feature of this software is the Interaction Studio, which offers marketers real-time management features such as suggestions on when to provide consumers with a “next best offer” based on their online behavior at the company’s channel or websites. This can range from personalized email, an app notification, or even in-store where a sales rep can view a customer’s profile to see offer recommendations.

Another feature, called Campaign Orchestration, uses Interaction Studio’s decision engine to help marketers better manage campaigns using business rules and frequency capping to help ensure offers are relevant to consumers.

The software also offers Lifecycle Insights, a service which provides analytics and visualizations to help marketers get a better read on engagement trends.

Salesforce also added an AI-powered service called Einstein Splits, which offers a range of predictive features such as identifying the likelihood a customer will open, click, unsubscribe, or convert. Marketers can test different channels, content, and tactics to attract, retain or win back consumers.

“We’re giving you a way to find unique patterns you don’t expect,” he said. “For example, a travel company might see they have a lot of foodies looking at travel options and can market to them with relevant offers.”

Megha Shah
Megha Shah
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