Cronofy Releases Customizable UI Elements in all SaaS Applications

Cronofy Releases Customizable UI Elements to Embed Scheduling in all SaaS Applications

SaaS Applications

PRESS RELEASE — NOTTINGHAM, ENGLAND — Scheduling technology experts Cronofy has released customizable UI Elements to complement their existing offering of calendar and scheduling APIs.

With this new set of products, software providers can save considerable time on both back-end and front-end development.

The customizable UI Elements can be embedded into existing applications and websites to offer seamless scheduling experiences.

This represents a further step in Cronofy’s overarching mission to save businesses, teams, and individuals time.

Unlike other existing scheduling solutions on the market, Cronofy’s UI Elements enable software providers to embed scheduling directly within their software. The scheduling process isn’t disrupted by flitting between software and scheduling applications. This helps to increase user engagement.

“At Cronofy we’re all about saving people time. Our scheduling API already saves months of integration work, and our UI Elements build on top of that so customers can add best-in-class scheduling solutions to their software in a few hours,” said Garry Shutler, Cronofy CTO, and co-founder.

Using these customizable UI elements, software users can manage their availability within the booking software. Bookings are then made based on their real-time availability. This prevents double-bookings and reduces the admin burden of scheduling. This is ideal for interview scheduling, client meetings, medical appointments, and more.

“UI Elements are a clear example of how we work closely with our customers to help them deliver on their scheduling goals,” said Adam Bird, Cronofy CEO and co-founder. “We’ve learned what works and distilled it into software components that can be used at no additional charge, helping our customers deliver even more value to their users.”

The UI Elements are available now. Users can experiment for free with a trial account for up to 20 users.

About Cronofy

Cronofy is a high-growth startup that’s transforming scheduling to save everyone’s time. It provides SaaS businesses with the technology they need to offer best-in-class scheduling to their users. Cronofy’s clients include global brands like Indeed, GoDaddy, and LogMeIn. To find out more, visit

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