5 Reasons You Should Start Using Risk Management

By TechFunnel Contributors - Last Updated on June 16, 2020

Guest Contribution by Ken Lynch

If you’ve been directly involved in the management of any business, you’ll opine that it’s impossible to thrive without taking risks. However, you must evaluate every risk to ensure that your business can handle the consequences in case things don’t turn out as planned.

While some risks are worth taking, others have the potential to bring down your business. As such, you must develop a risk management plan to guide you through every step of revolutionizing your business through calculated risk-taking.

What Is Risk Management?

Risk management refers to the process of identifying, assessing, and mitigating risks in a business. The risks are from different sources, including natural disasters, legal liabilities, accidents, management problems, data insecurity, and financial uncertainties.

The goal of any risk management plan is to identify these threats before they cause harm to the organization. The main steps of this process include:

    • Risk Identification and Assessment: This entails scanning through all the departments and your organization’s projects to spot any element that could expose the business to risks
    • Risk Analysis: After identification, you should evaluate the risk, determine the magnitude of its consequences in case it occurs, and determine your organization’s tolerance to the risk
    • Risk Mitigation: After analyzing the risk, you will decide whether your business will take it or not. In case you accept it, you should institute measures to prevent its occurrence. Also, you should outline your recovery plan in case the risk occurs

The mitigation processes must be verifiable to ensure that your business maintains consistency in its safety measures. For example, if you’re committed to enhancing the functionality of your risk management tools, you should ensure that you regularly monitor their performance. However, this will only be possible if you adopt a tool that can generate accurate and reliable reports regularly.

5 Reasons You Should Use Risk Management In Your Business

  1. It Reduces Unexpected Eventualities: Whenever you take a risk, you desire that it will yield positive results to propel your business to a new level. However, risk-taking is a highly dangerous venture for any business. If you fail to examine all the possibilities associated with the risk, you’re likely to lose tremendously. However, a well-thought-out risk management plan will help you to identify the red flags before it’s too late. As such, you’re able to make calculated risks thus saving your business from unmanageable consequences with the potential to destroy its systems completely
  2. Improves Your Decision-Making Process: Risk management equips you with the necessary information required to make high-quality decisions. For example, having insurance policies to cover various risks in a business is paramount. However, without risk management plans, you’re likely to ignore taking an insurance cover for a potentially harmful risk. As such, the risk assessment process helps you to prioritize risk mitigation.
  3. It Improves Your Compliance with Various Regulatory Bodies: An elaborate risk management plan is a necessity for many regulatory bodies. You’re required to prove the safety of all your hardware and software systems that are prone to attacks by malicious cybercriminals. If you’ve instituted methods to identify and mitigate risks in your organization, it’ll be easy to check all the boxes during the compliance process
  4. Data Protection Guarantee: One of the most vulnerable assets for your business is personally identifiable information (PPI). The data market is huge, and every hacker is diligently trying to devise methods to get access to it. With the advancement of technology, numerous loopholes can expose your client’s data to scrupulous individuals. As such, you must analyze all your systems to identify these gaps and develop reliable measures to seal them. Risk management is a guaranteed approach that will help you to safeguard your data which will increase confidence among your clients leading to exponential business growth
  5. Ensures Efficient Project Implementation: Whenever you undertake a project in your business, there exists a substantial risk of imposing undesired effects on your operations. For example, changing an operating software can lead to inconsistencies in department integration, which may lead to loss of data and other undesired consequences. However, you cannot avoid these projects since they are aimed at improving efficiency and productivity in your organization. As such, you should enhance the project’s implementation by assessing and analyzing all the risks associated with it. This should be followed by mitigation strategies that give you confidence throughout the project. As a result, the project will be finished in time, and the chances of getting the desired effect on productivity are significantly high

Bottom Line

Operating a business is characterized by numerous risks that must be identified and mitigated before they lead to losses. To achieve this, you should have an elaborate risk management plan.

This article guides you through the benefits that you’ll accrue by implementing a reliable risk identification, assessment, and mitigation plan. Implement it and wait for the positive transformation of your business.


Ken Lynch is an enterprise software startup veteran, who has always been fascinated about what drives workers to work and how to make work more engaging. Ken founded Reciprocity to pursue just that. He has propelled Reciprocity’s success with this mission-based goal of engaging employees with the governance, risk, and compliance goals of their company in order to create more socially minded corporate citizens. Ken earned his BS in Computer Science and Electrical Engineering from MIT.  Learn more at ReciprocityLabs.com.

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TechFunnel Contributors | TechFunnel.com is an ambitious publication dedicated to the evolving landscape of marketing and technology in business and in life. We are dedicate...

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