The Power of Hyper-Convergence

The Power of Hyper-Convergence

The Power of Hyper-Convergence

Hyper-convergence is a revolutionary method in cutting management time and freeing up staff to focus on specialized tasks. Its impact can have a remarkable effect on the workplace and has shown positive effects when implemented in the correct manner.

Hyper-convergence is a revolutionary method that cuts management time and frees up staff to focus on specialized tasks. With fewer IT issues, it reduces storage costs with software-defined solutions and enhances data center efficiency with scale-out architecture that is quick to deploy. Aside from its infrastructure, it also provides the benefit of ensuring a redundant environment in any company’s head office.

There are obviously a lot of benefits in using hyper-convergence, but it’s important to single out some of the factors that it introduces in the workplace. Its utilization can be seen in companies all around the world, and its results have proved to be effective in developing the workplace into a setting where productivity and efficiency can be met in the highest degree.

Here are some of the main benefits of hyper-convergence in the workplace, as seen specifically in AEW Energie:

· Complexity: The complex method of hyper-convergence forces a company to aim for change in order to meet the needs of the company. AEW Energie specifically faced challenges with the reliability of a virtualized platform supporting the company’s key IT services. The platform had become difficult to manage because it was extremely time consuming, but luckily, hyper-convergence allowed the company to save a great deal of time by simplifying the infrastructure.

· Cuts management time: Hyper-convergence also reduces the amount of time needed for management to allow for more time on specialized tasks. Thomas Heiz, the control systems engineer at AEW Energie, highlights how much data center management requirements have changed: “We spend much less time on troubleshooting and maintaining our IT systems thanks to our Dell EMC solution. This gives us more time to focus on our specialised engineering tasks.”

· Improves data availability: Productivity is boosted when hyper-convergence is introduced because of the data availability in the software. For instance, AEW Energie has enhanced the reliability of its applications with the Dell EMC XC Series and Intel® solution, and upgrades to the appliance and software aren’t disruptive.

Hyper-convergence can definitely be a beneficial addition to any workplace, as seen with the example of AEW Energie, and its benefits introduce a setting that promotes productivity and efficiency in both management and employees.

Want to cut management time and give team members freedom to focus on more important tasks? Click on the link below to watch a quick video and to download the whitepaper. 5 Ways Hyper-Convergence Can Cut Management Time and Free Staff to Focus on Important Tasks

Mohammad Ali Sultani
Mohammad Ali Sultani
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