How to Pick the Right Mobile App Management Monitoring

How to Pick the Right Mobile App Management Monitoring

Mobile application management describes software and services responsible for provisioning and controlling access to internally developed and commercially available mobile apps used in business settings.

There are three key areas that need to be addressed while analysing which end-to-end system to incorporate:

(a) It should find relevant and critical data in real time

(b) It should monitoring potentially infringing apps

(c) It should provide enforcing on apps that are in violation of platform policies or intellectual property

In order to ensure that these queries are addressed, the system should perform the following 5 functions:

#1. Integrated Image Recognition System

When shopping for mobile app management and monitoring systems, you need to be clear as to whether a brand protection company has:

a) Text-based image detection system

b) Own, internally developed image recognition system

c) A third-party system.

This is crucial when considering the security of the app.

#2. International monitoring of major app stores

An effective mobile app management and monitoring system should be able to determine which country an app is published in. App stores generally allow viewing of apps developed by those companies whose countries are associated with your IP address. Therefore, your MAM monitoring system must be able to identify the app developer’s source country.

#3. International third party app stores

There are a number of new mobile app stores currently in existence across the globe. Many of these stores are in foreign markets and largely serve up Android mobile apps for download. It is therefore important for the MAM monitoring system to keep tabs on various third part app stores operating in international markets.

#4. App Lock

There are a number of safeguards that should be part of any MAM monitoring system, including approval requirements and duplicate app detection. One such crucial requirement

is an internal app lock feature that is designed to guard against the inadvertent takedown of an app by any party using the system. Your MAM monitoring system must be equipped to prevent legitimate apps from being accidentally removed from mobile app stores.

#5. Reporting

The most important feature that your MAM monitoring system should have is that of reporting key metrics. These reporting metrics should be generated in real time and should provide enough information relating to store complaints sent, publisher cease-and-desists; publisher changes/takedowns (in total and per store), download diversions averted and store takedown time (in real time).
Before you select your MAM monitoring system, ensure that it performs these functions.

Want to learn more about picking the right mobile app management system? Click the link below to watch a quick video and to download the whitepaper. How to Pick the Right Mobile App Management Monitoring

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