NPD Group Predicts 5G Gaming Smartphones Will be Mainstream Next Year 

NPD Group Predicts 5G Gaming Smartphones Will be Mainstream Next Year

NPD Group Predicts 5G Gaming Smartphones Will be Mainstream Next Year

The largest and fastest growing segment in the world on gaming at present is that of smartphone gaming. The NPD Group predicts that this will only get bigger with one major network revolution – 5G.

As part of an article forecasting the impact of 5G networks on various technologies, the NPD Group believes gaming is set to become a new battleground for smartphone companies. “We’re set to see a focus on building devices built with gaming in mind,” they predicted, as companies like Microsoft and Sony prepare to launch their streaming subscription services targeting the smartphone market.

While it is true that gaming has always been important for smartphones, the limited connectivity of 4G has restricted the viability of multiplayer gaming. NPD predicts that this is set to change this year as the first 5G networks begin to roll out. 5G will not only allow current console-quality multiplayer smartphone games to run more efficiently but also for upcoming streaming services to function.

The NPD Group believes there will be a monumental shift in the features that are marketed and perceived as innovations for smartphones. Instead of the single-minded approach to cameras we see today, companies will begin marketing the superior specifications of their hardware for the purpose of gaming to entice consumers.

The article notes that mobile carriers will find the prospect of mobile and multiplayer gaming particularly appealing, as consumers addicted to such games will be less likely to opt for a different carrier in the future and more likely to promote their carriers.

The article suggests that this initiative could come as early as this year when the first networks are up and running. But “the gaming network concept is both a sprint and a marathon,” the article claims.

Both market and technology analysts are now eyeing the impact that 5G will have not just on gaming, but other functions and platforms in this ‘e’ economy.

Megha Shah
Megha Shah
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