Netflix and Google Launching Open-Source Automated Canary Analysis Service, Kayenta

Netflix and Google Launching Open-Source Automated Canary Analysis Service, Kayenta

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Google and Netflix have announced new project, Kayenta. Kayenta is an open-source automated canary analysis service designed to enable teams to quickly push production changes and perform continuous delivery at scale. Kayenta is based on Netflix’s internal canary system but has been updated to handle more advanced use cases and reduce error-prone and time-consuming ad-hoc canary analysis.

“We’re going to try and make software delivery much easier for teams, and not just the tech companies, the big ones (like Google and Netflix),” said Andrew Philips, Product Manager at Google.“(Kayenta) brings along a software delivery pipeline that can be very powerful yet still give you a lot of flexibility about what you want to do with your workloads.

“Automated canary analysis is an essential part of the production deployment process at Netflix, and we are excited to release Kayenta,” Greg Burrell, senior reliability engineer at Netflix, said in a blog post.

“Our partnership with Google on Kayenta has yielded a flexible architecture that helps perform automated canary analysis on a wide range of deployment scenarios such as application, configuration, and data changes.

“Spinnaker’s integration with Kayenta allows teams to stay close to their pipelines and deployments without having to jump into a different tool for canary analysis. By the end of the year, we expect Kayenta to be making thousands of canary judgments per day. Spinnaker and Kayenta are fast, reliable, and easy-to-use tools that minimize deployment risk, while allowing high velocity at scale.”

Benefits of Kayenta include the ability to perform automated canary analysis without vendor lock-in, detect problems across canaries, perform automated canary analysis across multiple environments, and adjust boundaries and parameters while performing automated canary analysis.

“With Kayenta, you now have an open, automated way to perform canary analysis and quickly deploy changes to production with confidence. By open-sourcing Kayenta, our goal is to build a community where metric stores and judges are provided both by the open source community and via proprietary systems,” the Google team wrote in a post.

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