NetBeez Presents Its Solution to Hybrid Multi-Cloud Monitoring at ONUG 2019 and Announces Version 3.0 with WiFi Connection Timing

By TechFunnel Newswire - Published on October 16, 2019
NetBeez hybrid multi-cloud monitoring

NetBeez, the platform that provides real-time visibility and remote monitoring for distributed enterprise networks, introduced a new solution for hybrid multi-cloud monitoring today at the ONUG event in NYC.

Traditional network monitoring solutions have limited visibility on cloud environments due to the organizations not owning, operating, or controlling the underlying infrastructure. Increasingly, enterprises are extending their enterprise networks to the cloud, moving intranet services and computing workloads from their data centers to Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure or Google Cloud. These shifts in networking infrastructure create hybrid environments with potential blind spots for the networking engineering teams in ensuring service levels.

The Hybrid and Multi-Cloud Monitoring Solution from NetBeez delivers remote monitoring with real-time visibility into these increasingly complex enterprise networks. NetBeez’s solution successfully reduces troubleshooting time and improves end-user uptime, creating IT team efficiency. The NetBeez monitoring platform runs network performance tests between private and public clouds, proactively detecting the network performance issues that are responsible for application slowness. The platform detects changes in packet loss, round-trip time, and throughput between on-premises and cloud networks through specialized agents designed for each environment.

“To successfully operate hybrid and multi-cloud networks, today’s IT teams need to implement end-to-end, real-time network performance monitoring,” says Stefano Gridelli, CEO of NetBeez. “The NetBeez monitoring platform provides IT teams with cloud-aware tools allowing IT to easily monitor across their growing hybrid and multi-cloud network infrastructure.”

During the ONUG conference, NetBeez also unveiled its new software release 3.0, which will be available to customers at the end of October. This release introduces a new feature, called WiFi connection timing, which periodically tests association, authentication, and the DHCP phase of an 802.11 connection, simplifying the detection and troubleshooting of WiFi connectivity issues. These features further enhance NetBeez’s WiFi monitoring capabilities, providing a complete solution for modern on-prem, cloud and WiFi networks.

Learn more about NetBeez hybrid multi-cloud monitoring and release 3.0:

 About NetBeez

NetBeez, Inc. is a network performance monitoring company that provides network engineers with data and intelligence to successfully manage the most complex network infrastructures.  Dedicated hardware and software monitoring agents test LAN, WAN, and WiFi networks from the user perspective, measuring and reporting KPI of service quality.  NetBeez helps distributed enterprises maximize the value of their network infrastructure, reducing network downtime and allowing IT to quickly detect, troubleshoot, and repair network issues.  For more information, visit or follow @NetBeez.

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