NetApp Boosts Cloud Leadership and Announces New Data Solutions and Services

NetApp Boosts Cloud Leadership and Announces New Data Solutions and Services

NetApp Boosts Cloud Leadership and Announces New Data Solutions and Services

NetApp announced the launch of new data services and solutions that enable customers to innovate in the cloud, and include the expanded availability of NetApp Cloud Volumes for Google Cloud Platform, NetApp SaaS Backup for Salesforce, and extended availability of the Microsoft Azure NetApp Files preview.

Alex Wallner, Senior Vice President and General Manager EMEA, NetApp, said, “Building on the many products that we launched at NetApp Insight Las Vegas in October, this year’s European event is a key example of the continent’s dynamic and diverse approach to data-driven transformation. Just as GDPR now acts as a blueprint for data regulation around the world, our data-conscious customers are flexing to implement best practices by safeguarding, enriching, and optimizing their data. We are proud to meet this challenge with the expansion of NetApp cloud offerings.”

The company also announced the expansion of its Cloud Volumes Service for Google Cloud Platform with the addition of the EU-West3 region. This expansion is aimed at enabling companies to do the following:

  1. Protect databases in high-performance file services in the cloud to facilitate high-speed testing and iteration.
  2. Accelerate time to value by automating development and testing environments with the ability to make identical copies of hundreds of environments in a matter of minutes.
  3. Make data-based decisions much more quickly by moving analytics to the cloud.


The company also announced the NetApp SaaS Backup for Salesforce, a complementary addition to the NetApp global cloud portfolio. This tool is aimed at empowering customers with control of sensitive data via simplified, automated backup and granular on-demand restore. It also safeguards Salesforce data from accidental deletion, corruption, or malicious intent and helps data-driven businesses ensure regulatory data compliance.

“Organizations are shifting steadily toward cloud-first strategies. For organizations undertaking digital transformation at the business level, cloud isn’t just about picking among a specific set of products or service delivery models such as public, private, or hybrid cloud,” said Stewart Bond, director of Data Integration and Integrity research at IDC. “NetApp is leveraging a combination of technology, partnership, business model, and vision to position itself at the forefront of delivering integrated and consistent data services for the hybrid cloud.”

Megha Shah
Megha Shah
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