Top Multi-Factor Authentication(MFA) Solutions

By TechFunnel Contributors - Published on July 10, 2020
Multi Factor Authentication Solutions

According to Microsoft, users who enable multi-factor authentication solutions (MFA) for their accounts will end up blocking 99.9% of automated attacks. In essence, multi-factor authentication (MFA) software secures users’ accounts by requiring them to prove their identity in two or more ways before granting access to accounts.

The Need for MFA Solutions

Below are certain reasons why MFA software is needed.

  1. It increases security when logging in to accounts
  2. It simplifies the log-in processes for company staff.
  3. It enhances productivity for help desk teams who implement these tools to employees.
  4. It helps companies to meet regulatory compliance requirements.

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10 Best Multi Factor Authentication Solutions

  1. OKTA Adaptive Multi-Factor Authentication

    About: OKTA is a multi-factor authentication solution that can be used to secure access for all of an individual’s business accounts. OKTA enables this by verifying all of the person’s customers, partners, and employees’ data.


    1. It has an easy-to-use admin portal
    2. It is compatible with several authentication options and policies for mid-market and bigger businesses. Some of these include biometrics, security questions, a mobile app, and one time passkeys delivered through email, voice and SMS.

    Pricing: the standard amount is $6 per month.

    USP: basically, the unique selling point of OKTA is that it offers rich features with an intuitive user interface. It is preferred over other competitors because of its “easy to sign in” feature through the several authentication methods. This allows its users to sign into accounts even if they don’t have their phone in hand.

  1. SilverFort Multi-Factor Authentication

    About: Silverfort multi factor authentication solutions provides verification and adaptive multi factor authentication across corporate systems. It does not require any agent, and it needs no additional installation processes.


    1. It minimizes disruptions
    2. It utilizes an AI-based ‘Risk Engine’ to analyze user responses.
    3. It implements precise Multi Factor Authentication and access policies to users.
    4. It can be integrated with external threat detectors such as Microsoft, Check Point, Palo Alto Networks and others.

    Pricing: N/A

    USP: the unique selling point of SilverFort multi factor authentication solutions is the easy deployment that allows customers to carry out installation by themselves without any technical know-how or involvement of agents.

  1. AuthPoint Multi-Factor Authentication

    About: AuthPoint is an easy-to-use multi factor authentication solutions that assists companies in keeping their user identities, data, resources etc. secure.


    1. It does not require installation of any costly hardware, since it is a cloud service.
    2. It features WatchGuard Cloud’s intuitive interface which allows it to be managed from anywhere
    3. It makes it easy for users to confirm or deny login attempts with just one touch right from their mobile device.

    Pricing: N/A

    USP: there are two major unique selling points of AuthPoint. The first is cost effectiveness. The other is the ability to customize the entries in the app with logo and description.

  1. Idaptive MFA

    About: The function of Idaptive multi factor authentication solutions is to secure business identities across on-premise, mobile and cloud applications.


    1. It helps admins to use the data accumulated for proactive detection of abnormal user behaviors and risks.
    2. It offers a simplified user experience

    Pricing: it comes in two packages: STANDARD SSO – $20 per user/per year, and ADAPTIVE SSO – $40 per user/per year.

    USP: the most attracting and unique characteristics of this Idaptive MFA solution is speed! Customers love the speed it logs users into accounts.

  1. Azure Multi-Factor Authentication

    About: Azure Multi-Factor Authentication is a multi factor authentication solutions that is deployed for the reduction of organizational risk and enablement of regulatory compliance.


    1. It provides an extra level of authentication
    2. It offers a user’s account credentials to secure costumer, partner, and employee access.

    Pricing: $1.40 per month (per user).

    USP: the unique selling point of Azure Multi-Factor Authentication Solution is in its ability to hook up the 2FA (two factor authentication) very fast. Another USP is the provision of allowing alternate email or even phone number in a few simple steps.


    About: is one of the best multi factor authentication solutions. It handles identity infrastructure, maintenance, and security overhead with Social Login, Multi-Factor Authentication, and others.


    1. It allows enterprises to customize their login page or implement OAuth’s widget.
    2. Quick integration with businesses’ applications
    3. It allows customers to add customs characteristics
    4. It features token authentication

    Pricing: starts at $19. Other plans cost as much as $99 and $299 respectively.

    USP: the unique selling point which appeals most to customers is OAuth’s feature that allows brands to create custom log ins for their staff. Customers love this peculiar feature of because it is very helpful in limiting just how much of access the employees have. In addition, it helps administrators to know just who has access to what.

  1. ESET Secure Authentication

    About: ESET Secure Authentication offers a simple way for organizations to deploy MFA across all their business systems like Office 365, Remote Desktops, VPNs, and other corporate applications. ESET is a good consideration for bigger businesses that are searching for multi-factor authentication.


    1. It completely supports SDK and API
    2. It features streamlined management console
    3. It enhances Active Directory integration
    4. It provides extra security layers.

    Pricing: starts at $69.90 per year, per user.

    USP: the unique selling point of ESET lies in its being easy to authenticate logins. This is an edge over other competitors because it does not consume too much time unnecessarily.

  1. Akku

    About: Akku is also one of the best multi factor authentication solutions. It functions as an Identity and Access Management (IAM) solution. Essentially, it provides a dedicated deployment support service, without having to involve a third-party system integrator.


    1. It offers single sign-on
    2. Password policy enforcement
    3. It has IP- and device-based restrictions
    4. Multi factor authentication and YouTube filtering

    Pricing: starts at $5.00 per year, per user. They do not have a free version.

    USP: the major point of attraction of Akku is the complete control it gives enterprises over data access and privacy on the cloud. Customers love this feature because it still manages to make them stay compliant to statutory industry standards.

  1. Centrify Multi-factor Authentication

    About: this is one of the multi factor authentication solutions that has been created to provide adaptive strong authentication across business identities and resources.


    1. It features a mobile authenticator that allows customers to respond quickly.
    2. It offers a One-time-passcode that allows you to log in to the admin portal.
    3. Users can also use offline OTPs to authenticate to their MAC or Windows 10 devices.

    Pricing: $22 per Month/User.

    USP: the unique selling point of Centrify Multi-Factor authentication solution is its quick and easy multi-sign in feature. Customers reviews have shown that users love the fact that they can employ Centrify to sign in in the mornings and won’t have to repeatedly do so throughout the day on each site.

  1. PortalGuard

    About: PortalGuard is engineered by PistolStar, Inc. It has been designed as a dedicated web-based identity management portal that combines effective authentication with flexible, high-performance integration.


    1. It offers full integration with several directory infrastructures
    2. It can work as a fully integrated addition to existing CMS (or other portal installations) or as a powerful, stand-alone front door.
    3. It supports true Single Sign-On functionality
    4. It allows granular Self-Service capabilities.

    Pricing: N/A

    USP: the unique selling point of PortalGuard which customers have testified to is the integration of all single sign-on (SSO) services onto a single page. In addition, an important USP of PortalGuard is the excellent customer support it offers to customers.

How Multi-factor Authentication Solutions Protects Your Business

Multi factor authentication solutions protect businesses via a number of several ways. The popular methods are listed below:

  1. Through hardware tokens (like key fobs, or FIDO devices like Yubikeys and Apple watches, smart cards).
  2. Through software token (since SMS messages can be intercepted by hackers)
  3. Through push notifications
  4. Through Prebuilt APIs
  5. Though Biometrics

Final Thoughts

In all, multi factor authentication has become widely accepted and deployed in this present digital age. Picking the right multi factor authentication  solution for your enterprise is paramount, and we hope this article has successfully enlightened on which of the 10 best multi factor authentication solutions is perfect for you. What are you waiting for? Start leveraging on the useful features of MFA solutions today!

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