Mavrck Releases New Influencer Fraud Detection Tools

Mavrck Releases New Fraud Detection Tools

Mavrck Releases New Fraud Detection Tools

A leading influencer marketing platform, Mavrck, has introduced a new set of automated tools to help prevent influencer fraud. The new tool is designed to assess follower and engagement fraud that Mavrck’s proprietary “influencer activation engine is used to identify and activate brands many influential customers come across on social media at large.” Their tool called Fan Grader can be used to trace the engagement of a brand’s Facebook page to identify its topmost 100 engaged fans. The Beta testing of this tool is now complete and as of now Mavrck is releasing the capability to select customers as a premium feature. In the upcoming months the tool will be made available for more customers.

“Thanks to the sophistication of influencer marketing platforms, the number of influencers being activated by marketers has grown exponentially over the last two years–there were more than 21 million #sponsored posts created in 2017 alone,” said Lyle Stevens, Co-Founder and CEO of Mavrck. “Unfortunately, the methods by which some bad actors try to game the system with fraudulent followers and engagements have also grown in sophistication to the point where visual inspection is no longer good enough to filter out fraud, especially if you’re activating thousands per month like some of our Fortune 100 customers. To help address this growing problem, Mavrck has developed an automated way to flag an individual as potentially engaging in fraudulent activity so that a marketer can filter out bad actors.”

Mavrck studied a sample of 3,992 instagram influencers who had minimum 5,000 followers and found out that 9.8% users were a part of fraudulent behavior by buying followers or engagements. Mavrk’s machine learning algorithm assesses a significant number of sample of followers and accounts that like or comment on the any posts to verify if an Instagram is of a real person or its operated by a bot for the purpose of creating artificial followers, likes or comments. Based on the final analysis conducted, Mavrck flags an account as high, medium or Low risk account. These findings are sure to help Mavrck customers to guarantee that their campaigns are being executed by influencers who are the right fit for the brand.

Headquartered in Boston, Mavrck has offices in Denver with 30 employees. The company assists marketers in discovering and collaborating with influencers, advocates, and loyalists.

Tanuja Thombre
Tanuja Thombre
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