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Magnolia Releases Major Product Update


Leading open source content management solution provider, Magnolia, announced the release of Magnolia 6.1.

The latest version of the company’s flagship product includes new Connector Packs and features which enable authors to get content to market faster.

The latest updates include the following features:

1. Seamless Integration

Magnolia’s new Connector Packs enable all the key cross-platform DXP use cases. This allows companies to assemble a great digital experience platform with maximum speed and minimal complexity. Each connector pack brings a generic integration framework, accelerating time to market, and enabling deep integrations at the level of both data and UI.

2. Faster Content Delivery

Magnolia’s new Content Types feature is the slimmest content definition on the market, giving developers the ability to implement content authoring tools within minutes.

3. Find Content Instantly

With Magnolia’s new AI-powered Find Bar, marketers get access to intelligent suggestions by using machine learning to improve results based on each user search.

4. Enhanced Focus on Content

Magnolia’s new, modern, clean, uncluttered UI has been further refined in this latest version, placing even more emphasis on content for both marketers and developers.

“We have long believed in the power of a digital experience platform (DXP) to meet the needs of an omnichannel world. However, for us, a DXP is an architecture, not a suite. Our headless content hub enables our clients to assemble a DXP based on their existing, carefully selected digital solutions. The result is a DXP with a unique blend of power and flexibility, avoiding the risks of a single-vendor suite. The skyrocketing implementation times, costs and inflexible architectures of suites are now clear to the market,” says Tim Brown, Chief Executive Officer at Magnolia. “A best-of-breed DXP means being able to choose individual systems that best meet an organization’s unique combination of needs. Magnolia 6.1 streamlines and deepens the integrations across these systems to create a uniquely agile approach to a digital experience. Today’s marketers must have an agile and intelligent content hub that can fulfill their specific digital experience strategy. This is the vision for Magnolia 6.1.”

Megha Shah
Megha Shah
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