LinkedIn Redesigns Campaign Manager to be More User-Friendly

LinkedIn Redesigns Campaign Manager


The new tool is developed to offer options for personalization and boost reporting and search capabilities. 

LinkedIn recently announced the redesign of its reporting layout for Campaign Manager.

The goal was to make the platform more user-friendly and offer a better experience for both advertisers and marketers to understand campaign performance and optimize campaigns to achieve maximum efficiency.

The new layout will also offer new features such as personalization options, search functionality, and campaign breakdowns for reporting performance with a single click. The redesign is developed fresh and new to present users with a more intuitive interface.

AJ Wilcox, founder of LinkedIn ads agency,, is a beta user of the new Campaign Manager feature and believes that for most marketers using LinkedIn ads, the new interface will feel similar to Facebook Ads.

He said, “Noticeably absent is the performance graph at the top, which is unfortunate because it was very useful in gauging performance and predicting spend and will be severely missed. The new experience is expected to help do things better in bulk, which would be a welcome change for advertisers managing more than a few campaigns.”

Additionally, Wilcox compared LinkedIn’s new design to the account dashboards available to advertisers on Google Ads manager. Advertising managers can access ad-level metrics with ease, saving time and money.

“The MCC-like accounts page is more helpful showing spend, budget, and number of campaigns. The ability to drill immediately down to the ad level (a-la Google Ads) is a nice touch, and saves advertisers from having to click down into individual campaigns to view creative,” he said.

The goal of the revamped Campaign Manager is to promote both convenience and ease of use for LinkedIn advertisers. While it is challenging to address every issue that could be improved within a single platform, convenience and ease of use will allow marketers to understand which ad campaigns are delivering the best ROI.

Mohammad Ali Sultani
Mohammad Ali Sultani
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