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It’s Not about the Nines; It’s about Continuous Availability

Continuous Availability

Data availability and uptime are important to monitor, especially when preparing for impressive interest, profits, and well-designed plans for sales opportunities. Despite the advertisements of three, four or even five 9s of availability, the real work is for continuous availability and how this can help a company improve its profits.

Trustworthiness of a network and verification of data reliability are a priority. It is also important for customers to know the network involved is stable, secure with the accesses granted, and successful with its reliability. Reviews of product availability and preparation for distribution should be aligned with successful marketing efforts. Communication throughout a company can help improve plans for IT monitoring company-wide.

Zenoss Cloud is the first SaaS-based intelligent IT operations management platform that helps customers to increase operational agility, accelerate technology adoption, ensure service reliability, and consolidate monitoring tools.

Check out the video below and visit today.

Danni White
Danni White
Danni White is the Director of Content Development at Bython Media, the parent company of,,, List.Events, and
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