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Internet of Things and Enterprise Value

Internet of Things and Enterprise Value

IoT, or the Internet of Things, is considered to be fairly new technology. But did you know that there are already more than 30 billion things connected through IoT?

With such a massive growth rate, IoT will drive an explosion of data that will need to be processed, stored, managed, analyzed, and served in real time to drive business growth.

There are many forms that this data can take, such as:

  • The massive volume of intermittent data amounts to millions of events per minute.
  • IoT data may come in real-time or in batches.
  • IoT data is generated from a variety of sources.
  • The value of IoT data decreases over time and becomes less relevant.
  • IoT data can include diverse data structures and schemas, based on the source the data comes from.

Organizations need to develop and operate data pipelines that can handle and process a variety of data, differentiate between static and dynamic data and provide multiple insights and reports in real time.

Some key attributes for IoT data management and analytics that can help drive enterprise value are:

  • Flexible Data Ingest: Your data management system needs to be able to intake tonnes of data which can be of various types and forms. It must be able to segregate between different types of data and analyse them.
  • Reliable, Scalable, Always-on Data Ingest: The data management system needs to be reliable. It must pool in only the data that is required for analysis. It must also be able to support scaling, as the data volume will only increase over time. It must also continuously intake data so that all factors are accounted for.  
  • End-to-End Analytics & Machine Learning: Your data system must be able to create end-to-end analytics reposts and insights, and must be able to learn from past history using machine learning. 
  • Real–Time Serving and Insights: Your data systems must be able to provide real time data insights, reports and forecasts based on historic data.

With these attributes, your organization is sure to derive real enterprise value from IoT data.

Want to know more about the Internet of Things and its enterprise value? Click the link below to watch a quick video and to download the whitepaper, Internet of Things: Driving Value for Enterprises.

Megha Shah
Megha Shah
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