With Instagram, You Can Now Scan for Copyrighted Content

With Instagram, You Can Now Scan for Copyrighted Content

Copyright infringement has become a prevalent issue with the rise of technology, and Instagram is taking a stand against the issue by implementing a new feature that will allow content owners to scan for copyright material in uploaded materials.

The new tool is derived from Instagram’s parent company, Facebook, and is called Rights Manager. It’s similar to YouTube’s Content ID, which has a similar function in combating infringement in videos. The tool essentially allows content owners to upload their materials and allow for the program to scan the platform for posts that feature that content. If and when an infringing post is found, the original content owner has the ability to allow owners to block or “monitor” the content, with an additional option of sending it to a manual review for later action.

Facebook head of product rights and music, Fred Beteille, wrote in a blog post: “This update is something that rights owners have asked for, and builds on the improvements we’ve made since introducing Rights Manager nearly two years ago.”

Existing Rights Manager users can additionally add Instagram coverage via an automated prompt that appears in the ‘Page Settings’ tab on Facebook. Afterward, all uploaded reference files will be protected across both Facebook and Instagram. With Instagram’s growing popularity, its competitor Snapchat has also begun to offer free advertising to companies that buy space on Instagram. With growing competition of attaining more users, it’ll be interesting to see how Instagram will incorporate more innovative features to protect and promote genuine content, while maintaining popularity.

Mohammad Ali Sultani
Mohammad Ali Sultani
Mohammad Sultani is currently an undergraduate at the University of San Diego pursuing a degree in Political Science and English. As an experienced writer for various technology, law, and political news outlets, he has shown great potential in his writings and hopes to continue developing his skills. With the goal of becoming an established lawyer and writer, Mohammad is determined to help those in need on both ends of the spectrum.

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