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Information Services Group Released ISG Blockchain Now

Information Services Group Released ISG Blockchain Now

Information Services Group, a leading global IT research and consulting firm, has announced the launch of ISG Blockchain Now, a cutting-edge advisory and sourcing solution that helps enterprise clients enhance the accuracy, efficiency, and security of their business processes by aiding them in leveraging distributed ledger technology.

The ISG Blockchain Now suite of solutions contains elements that aid strategy, continuous research and development, implementation, investment case development, use-case design, and prototype blueprinting. ISG Blockchain Now enables clients to identify high-ROI opportunities where they can make use of blockchain technology to improve on their existing technology and increase data security while improving their current business processes.

Michael P. Connors, chairman and CEO of Information Services Group said of the new service, “Our ISG Blockchain Now™ solution is designed to help enterprise clients understand and unlock the value of blockchain today, while creating a roadmap to leverage this incredibly powerful technology in the future. Blockchain is demonstrating its practical application now within enterprises. As the technology matures, it has the potential to be the next internet, a decentralized system that will dramatically disrupt all supply chain processes and commercial transactions. Blockchain creates business value by leveraging widespread, synchronized data across a range of value chains. Our clients want to understand where the opportunities are, the value of those opportunities, and which technology providers are best able to meet their needs. Our ISG Blockchain Now™ solution will help them answer those important questions, and quickly begin to realize the value of blockchain right now.”


Although blockchain has traditionally been associated with use in cryptocurrency and banking, over half of the current ways blockchain technology is being used is outside of the financial services industry. Businesses in many different industries are beginning to realize that blockchain is a great way to improve data security, enhance transaction processing speed, increase operating margins, and establish new business models to generate revenue. Some of the areas that blockchain can be used in are logistics, smart contracts, and supply chain management.

Information Services Group is a technology research and advisory firm with over 700 clients, including 75 of the top 100 enterprises in the world. ISG specializes in helping corporations, public sector organizations, and service providers by providing digital transformation services.

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