How Strategy Meets Technology to Create Digital Success

By Tanuja Thombre - Last Updated on July 25, 2018
How Strategy Meets Technology to Create Digital Success

The external and the internal appearance of almost every organization is undergoing a significant shift, be it financial services, entertainment, hospitality, media, transportation, or telecom. All this is happening because we have all gone digital.
Companies that have embraced this digital transformation have taken a lot of effort to deliver differentiated customer and employee experiences and capture competitive advantages. However, these objectives cannot be achieved with just digital technologies only.  

Digital transformation requires a firm collaboration between CIOs and executive management, and through this collaboration, nearly every department would get an opportunity to be redefined and enhanced through technology. This would help organizations in delivering an experience to the parties, employees, and customers. 

Digital transformation involves cultural adaptation, the acceptance of new conventions and work processes, and the blend of new skill sets and process modernization. And to attend each factor involved, digital transformation needs a well-devised strategy and planning.

CIO’s have a unique thought process with regards to collaboration and dependencies amongst various business units or lines of businesses. This well-defined viewpoint can be mixed with the goals and needs cited by line-of-business leaders to build a comprehensive digital roadmap that delivers on the organization’s strategic goals.

One study published by McKinsey & Company in October 2016 states, the top quartile maturity leaders that score high on digital culture, strategy, capabilities, and organization create five times higher revenue growth and eight times greater profitability than their peers. And although going digital is on every executive’s mind and most of the companies, the progress to that end is quite slow.

In 2017, Dimension data canvassed 1,351 organizations across 80 countries. 51 percent reported that they don’t have a digital strategy and the closest they are in the process is developing a plan. If a company wants to join the club, they must start as soon as possible. “If you don’t move ahead with digital transformation, you’re going to be left behind,” said Dan Puterbaugh, Senior Legal Advocate for Adobe Document Cloud at Adobe. 

Streamlining Sales Processes 

Digitization can also prove extremely important to improve the internal sales processes and to report. A client of Adobe-Ceridian, a global human management technology company uses different systems to manage sales processes for its U.S. and Canadian businesses. This restricted the ability of the sales teams to share intelligence and made it challenging for sales leaders to understand the position of customers in the sales process. Ceridian addressed this problem by standardizing contract management on a single platform which helped the company a lot with these recurring problems. 

Not just Ceridian, but some more companies such as Card Assets and Diners Club are trying to re-imagine the customer experience with the help of this new streamlined digital workflow. 

“It’s tougher than it looks,” said Puterbaugh. “You have to deconstruct existing processes and then determine processes that should be applied using the digital model.”

Want to know more about how creating good strategies can create digital success? Click on the link below to watch a quick video and to download the whitepaper How Strategy Meets Technology to Create Digital Success.

Tanuja Thombre

Tanuja Thombre | A Soft Skills and Behavior Trainer by passion and profession, with 8 years of experience into Mortgage Banking sector. Currently I am working as a Training Consultant and I cater to the training needs across various industries. This also allows me to interact with, train and learn various aspects of human modes. Adorned with certifications from various institutes like Dale Carnegie & Steven Covey. I have a natural instinct ...

Tanuja Thombre

Tanuja Thombre | A Soft Skills and Behavior Trainer by passion and profession, with 8 years of experience into Mortgage Banking sector. Currently I am working as a...

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