Google Boosts Artificial Intelligence Services with Contact Center Tools

Google Boosts AI Services with Contact Center Tools

Google AI Services

Google working its way into the artificial intelligence space with Contact Center AI arrival.

Google is boosting its AI as a service with the launch of Contact Center AI.

With Contact Center AI, a virtual agent answers the service call and takes care of the matter if he can. If he is not able to handle the matter, he passes it to a human delegate who is assisted by an Agent Assist framework that observes the call and gives supporting information as required. While this is going on, there is a Conversational Topic Modeler that investigates points from audio accounts and chat logs.

Earlier this year, Google announced the creation of Cloud AutoML, which the company said “helps businesses with limited [machine learning] expertise start building their own high-quality custom models.”

The new Contact Center AI revolves around Google’s Dialogflow improvement suite for conversational operators, which was launched last Fall and is now in wide utilization. Dialogflow Enterprise Edition currently assembles AI-fueled virtual operators for call centers, a Phone Gateway for accepting calls that lack a structure, and Knowledge Connectors for understanding unstructured information such as FAQs and Sentiment Analysis.

It sits between profoundly adaptable machine learning tools such as TensorFlow on one side and prepared machine learning functions such as Cloud Vision API on the other side. The Natural Language administration can be utilized to filter data about individuals, places, occasions, and other point topics from archives, news stories or blog entries, and it can decide feelings or goals in call center discussions along with messages in an application.

While the layout of Contact Center AI sounds like a completely different framework from similar work that Google has created, the idea is that this call center offers Duplex-like ability. Google is careful about the negative criticism it received when Duplex, a human-sounding bot, went live in the Spring. The changes within Contact Center AI aim to watch “best practices” which will incorporate giving advice to individuals when they are communicating with a bot.

Kashish Ambekar
Kashish Ambekar
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