Best Data Science Podcasts for Aspiring Data Scientists

By Danni White - Last Updated on May 25, 2021
Data Science Podcast

Podcasts are an excellent way to immerse and know about an industry in the best way possible, especially when it comes to the broadest field, that is data science. The field of data science quickly changes, and we sight new developments almost every day. So, it’s important to keep up with them. But how can you remain updated about data science when you have a busy schedule and cannot spare even a minute?

Well, think about the times when your body is not free, but your mind is. Yes, all you have to do is take advantage of those times when you are driving, exercising, commuting, walking, cleaning up the house and chatting. These are some of the most optimal times when you can encourage yourself to learn something new as on these times, your brain is the most active.

When it comes to data science podcasts, there are dozens of them. Super data science podcasts cover everything, from artificial intelligence to machine learning. Even though the topics are divided into episodes, you can invest in them to stay on top of the field every single time.

But how many best Data Science Podcasts do you know of?

Top 25 Data Science Podcasts

Here is a list of data science podcasts that you can listen to while commuting to work, cleaning the house or playing with the baby.

  • Data Skeptic

    Data skeptic(1) is one of the best data science podcasts and a source for a new perspective on science, data-driven analysis and skepticism on various topics such as big data, machine learning, statistics and all the topics of data science altogether.

    It is a weekly podcast. It means that the blog brings out data-science related episodes and blogs almost every week so that listeners can have a clear idea of a data-driven world. It has 277 episodes in total.

  • Data Science Ethics

    The name explains the central idea of the topic. There is everything in 10 episodes that you need to know about data science ethics(2) and model behavior. The listeners come across present and future data science statistics so that they can be ethical data scientists in the future.

  • Data Science at Home

    It is hosted by Francesco Gadaleta. He covers base topics in this podcast such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, and data algorithms. One thing of listening to him is that he breaks down every topic in sub-topics. It will feel as if he is having a one-on-one conversation with the listeners.

    In every podcast episode, some special guests appear to discuss important matters. There are about 35 episodes that you have to listen to know about his opinion on technology and algorithms.

  • Data Crunch

    If you want to know the impact of technology, deep learning, and machine learning, then invest in this podcast as soon as possible. In this podcast(3), the host talks to different entrepreneurs and data scientists about their experiences. Moreover, the host also covers their failures, their success and struggles in this field.

    In short, the host makes some of the difficult concepts in data science accessible to a wide base of audience. It has about 43 episodes in total.

  • Super Data Science

    The host of super data science is Krill Eremenko. He is an entrepreneur and data science, coach. The utmost goal of the host is to bring the most inspiring data analysts and data scientists from all around the world to help you get into the right career in data science.

    In short, this podcast(4) helps you to skyrocket your career in data scientists by explaining how salaries of data scientists and analysts are increasing exponentially.

    After listening to all the 253 episodes, you’d know almost everything about visualization, big data, forecasting, analysis, predictive modeling, statistics, business processes, SQL programming, R, Python, Hadoop, machine learning, deep learning and databases. At the end of every episode, the host would give useful advice on how to crush it big in data science.

  • Data Cast

    All the 18 episodes of this podcast include discussion and raw conversation with data scientists on artificial intelligence, big data, machine learning and statistics.

  • Data Science Imposters

    Join this podcast with 50 episodes that focus more on big data with machine learning. Explore the broad field of data science with this podcast.

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  • Women in Data Science

    Data science is improving in various domains such as healthcare, education, teaching, human rights, seismology and etc. In the 10 episodes of women in data science empowering women talking about data science, their experience. Not only would you get to know their downfalls but career highlights as well.

  • Linear Digressions

    In each episode (238 in total) of linear digressions, learn about the unusual application of data science in this world.

  • Data Futurology

    In data futurology, each episode includes a conversation with experienced and professional data scientists. Not only do they talk about their experiences, downfalls, challenges and career highlights but also give useful pieces of advice to the listeners on how to excel in this field.

    Data scientists are asked various questions such as:

    • What skills are required to be a good data scientist?
    • How to implement a good data science strategy?
    • How to become a great data science leader? And much more.


  • Data Science in Production

    All 6 episodes are based on how machine learning engineers can bring their data science models into production faster. In short, the podcast focuses more on tools, analytics software and skills required for being a good machine learning engineer.

  • Cyentia Podcast

    If you want to explore data-driven research and cyber-security, join this podcast hosted by Wade and Jay. They tell awesome data-driven stories and also share their work with the community. There is a total of 16 inspiring episodes.

  • Talk Python to Me

    Talk python to me belongs to Michael Kennedy. The podcast covers a wide range of Python topics and the ones related to it. There are about 343 episodes and each episode runs for good 30 minutes.

  • Data Framed

    This data science podcast is released by DataCamp and the host is none other than Hugo Bowne Anderson. Each discusses the benefits of data science and how it can solve industry issues rather than collecting data.

  • O’ Reilly Data Show

    With 17 episodes, this podcast tries to show data science analysis, research and advancement in technologies that are emerging in the industry. It also let us explore the techniques to drive big data.

  • Data Hack Radio

    It is an exclusive podcast series from host, Kunal Jain. In every episode, the host comes up with a great conversion with amazing practitioners and leaders in this industry.

  • Not So Standard Deviations

    With a frequency of 3 episodes per month, the hosts Hilary Parker and Roger Peng talk about data science analytics in industry as well as the academia.

  • Half Stack Data Science Podcast

    In this podcast, Dr. Shaun McGirr tells the listeners about the realities of data science and how it affects the business world.

  • TAG Data Talk

    This podcast entertains the listeners with one episode per month and the host discusses about ideas and on-going trends in the data science industry.

  • Towards Data Science

    This podcast is brought to the listeners by the TDS team. It is the biggest podcast publication on the platform, Medium. Their podcast episodes, ideas, codes reflect the data science industry. Moreover, the reputable data science leaders also shape their experiences and insights.

  • Data Stories

    This podcast is hosted by two talented people, Moritz Stefaner and Enrico Bertini. They talk about data science and the effect and repercussions it has on our lives.

  • Making Data Simple

    In this podcast, A1 Martin shares the latest news on artificial intelligence, big data and its impact on the industrialists.

  • Data Engineering Podcast

    This podcast, whose episodes release weekly digests on data science and management with data scientists, engineers and entrepreneurs who has shaped this industry.

  • The Digital Analytics Power Hour

    It is hosted by 3 people who are data analysts themselves. They have open-ended discussions with guests on data analysis. At the end of each episode, the four of them pour out their experiences, thoughts, and advice.

  • Artificial Intelligence with Lex Fridman

    Lex Fridman that hosts this podcast is one of the best AI and data science speakers out there. each episode of this podcast has a striking conversation with Elon musk about data science and artificial intelligence.

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Final Thoughts

The list of data science podcasts is not exhaustive at all. There are hundreds of new data science podcasts airing every day. As the field continues to grow, you can expect a growth in the number of data science podcast. So, gear up and start listening to the best data science podcast for a fruitful career in this field.

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Danni White | Danni White is the Director of Content Strategy and Development at Bython Media and the Editor-In-Chief at, a top B2B digital destin...

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