Cybersecurity Tools List for CIOs to Consider

Cybersecurity Tools List for CIOs to Consider

Cybersecurity Tools List for CIOs to Consider

There are many tools available to CIOs to help protect their company from cybersecurity threats.

It is essential for companies to be proactive in their cybersecurity efforts. Staying up-to-date with the best cybersecurity tools available is the best way for CIOs to keep their company’s information protected to the best of their ability.

Cybersecurity monitoring tools are essential for companies to use to ensure their information is protected. Cybersecurity tools not only help to protect companies from data breaches, they help companies be less vulnerable to the multitude of cyber threats plaguing our society today. When companies suffer data breaches due to a lack of updated cybersecurity software, their reputation is tarnished and that can be very difficult to recover from.

Cybersecurity Tools for CIOs

Cybersecurity tools are important for CIOs to devote more of their time to. This can be difficult when CIOs have so much on their plate already. It is extremely important, though, for CIOs to put more time into their cybersecurity efforts to ensure that their company, employees, and customers are protected. There are many computer security tools on the market to protect your business and here are a few:

Armitage allows CIOs to analyze weak and vulnerable machines in their network. This tool works by depicting compromised devices with a lighting chain that CIOs can use as a pivot point to find the device that started the breach.

Hashcat is a password recovery tool that can demonstrate the ease of recovering a password. This is an excellent tool for CIOs to verify that their company’s password policy is complex enough for passwords to not be compromised or hacked.

Wifite is a tool that runs on all platforms to the Wi-Fi security. This tool is an excellent tool for CIOs to verify that their corporate wireless network is configured to applicable security policies and identifies any open and accessible network that can be harmful.

Wireshark is the best tool for collecting data over a network. This tool allows CIOs to see all the information that is exchanged on their network from broadcast traffic, including encrypted and unencrypted protocols that should not be used.

Social Engineering Toolkit, SET, allows CIOs and their team in charge of security audits to design attack scenarios and distribute those attacks to targeted users. SET will confirm a user’s security perceptions within the company and can validate the best awareness policy to deploy. SET is an excellent tool for CIOs to ensure that all members of the company are doing their part to protect the company’s data.

Cybersecurity Tools 2018

As cybercriminals become more knowledgeable and sophisticated, cybersecurity tools must also become more sophisticated to be able to protect companies, employees, and customers. There are many new practices for CIOs to consider to enhance their cybersecurity efforts.

One new tool many CIOs are beginning to incorporate into their cybersecurity efforts is intelligent cyber threat locating. It is important that CIOs use cybersecurity systems that can locate compromised hosts within their network. When these compromised hosts are discovered and treated quickly, the potential for other breaches is drastically decreased.

Another tactic many CIOs are starting to take advantage of and implement into their information security tools and techniques is training employees to be better prepared to not only counter cybersecurity threats but also prevent threats in the first place.

There are many tools available to CIOs for them to be better prepared to protect their company from cybersecurity threats. The most effective tools are the ones that CIOs utilize regularly to ensure that their company is continually protected. There are many tools available to CIOs to ensure that their company is protected but the best way to protect your company from cybersecurity threats is to constantly be proactive in your efforts in protecting your company.

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