The Critical Role Information Technology Plays in Business

By Amy N Barkman - Last Updated on July 26, 2018

It is hard to imagine how businesses were run 20 or 30 years ago. Everything has been made so efficient today by the wonderful world of information technology. Have you ever wondered about the role of information technology in business? The importance of information technology in an organization cannot be emphasized enough. When it comes to everything from keeping information safe to storing it in a way that makes it easily accessible for those who need it, business is made better by information technology.

Think about the day you just had at work. How many emails did you send? How many files did you save? How much sensitive data did you consult throughout your day? Every aspect of each of those simple tasks revolves around IT. You need information technology to be successful in today’s business world

Role of Information Technology in International Business

Did you at any point throughout your workweek interact with someone internationally? Imagine how much more complicated that would have been had you not had access to information technology. IT brings people together for the greater good. It’s the link that allows you to communicate with someone in Dubai from midtown Manhattan even though they’re almost 7,000 miles away. It opens a whole new world of prospects in terms of clientele because it’s so easy to communicate worldwide. The importance of information technology in today’s world is undeniable. Without it, you lose connectivity, security, and so much more.

Advantages of Information Technology in Business

Technology is to business what the gas pedal is to a car. It gives it power. So, just what are the advantages of information technology in business? Well, let’s take a look.

● Cybersecurity – Keep sensitive data under lock and key. This can include company HR files, banking information, credit card numbers, and more. With the right cybersecurity system in place, you can keep your information, and your business, safe and secure.

● Data, Data, and more Data – Information technology gives you the gift of data, right there on a platter, for the taking. Without IT, you’d have, well, an empty plate. But with it, you can access data by the bushel, which means more prospective sales for your business.

● Staying Connected – Information technology is the glue that holds China and Mexico together. Okay, bad analogy, but really, you could easily connect with a prospective client in Mexico from China in ways that you wouldn’t have had the option for even a decade ago. IT allows you to stay connected with the ease of a few clicks of a mouse or swipes of a finger.

● Storage – What was once filing cabinets full of paper is now servers that aren’t even close to full of easily accessible documents. Not only do the trees find this pleasing, but it’s so much easier to find those old files when you need them. Easier access leads to even more increased efficiency.

Again, try to imagine how business was conducted before the time of computers, social networking, online chatting, scan to email options, online banking, online ordering, email, etc. It’s easy to see how the addition of information technology to the business world has increased efficiency, but can you also see how it’s allowed for increased productivity? When you can access a wider, much broader range of potential clients, you likely have a better bottom line. The use of information technology in business involves keeping up with IT trends so you always know how your business can best benefit from what’s happening in the wide world of information technology.

Amy N Barkman | Amy works in higher education and has a bachelor’s degree in English Literature. She loves to read and write, and spends the rest of her free time exploring, fishing, camping, and just being outdoors with her husband and young son. Amy enjoys using her creative talents for writing and graphic design whenever possible.

Amy N Barkman | Amy works in higher education and has a bachelor’s degree in English Literature. She loves to read and write, and spends the rest of her free time ...

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