Cool Cloud Capabilities for Business Growth

By Tanuja Thombre - Last Updated on January 7, 2020
Cool Cloud Capabilities for Business Growth

The modern workforce is in constant need to be productive when mobile. To make this happen, employees expect to use a variety of mobile devices and productivity apps with the simple intention of delivering the necessary capabilities needed to stay productive and efficient. However, when a business doesn’t support its workforce with properly vetted apps, the workforce may opt for tools of their own choice. But if every individual uses an app or tool of their choice, the possibility exists that a standalone app may not conform to business strategy and growth plans, posing significant challenges with security, compatibility, compliance, and technical support.

There is however a solution to this challenge. The integrated Office Suite 365 of productivity tools can keep workers happy and productive. This Office Suite delivers scalability, easy implementation, and advanced security along with flexibility and user friendly tools.

Below are five features that many organizations may find useful:

An Integrated Suite of Communication and Productivity Tools
The Yammer business social network is another example of Office 365 which ensures team collaboration and individual productivity. Skype for Business allows employees to get together on calls, screen share, or video conference from any device. Microsoft Teams brings together people, conversations, and content along with the tools that teams need. It also supports threaded chats to keep everyone engaged.

Anytime, Anywhere Access to Information
OneDrive for Business can help create, upload, and edit files from your desktop, web browser, or mobile device. Stout information management can be achieved with the help of SharePoint Online, which supports employees as well as contractors, partners, vendors, and other external contributors. SharePoint helps administrators protect sensitive business data by giving them the control and visibility they need with appropriate access, sharing, and collaboration.

Data Security that Lets You Sleep at Night
Every device that the business allows to be used on its network can be a potential security threat, which can hamper business in unimaginable ways. Mobile Device Management can help secure and manage devices like iPhones, iPads, Androids and Windows phones used by licensed Office 365 users in the organization.

A Clear Roadmap for Reliability and Growth
Users can gain instant access to the latest features without requiring intervention from the IT team for installation. Office 365 is a cloud-based suite that can receive more frequent and predictable updates.

Support that Puts Businesses on the Fast Track to Success
For any new application to be easily accepted by users, the process of migration or the transition of that application must be smooth. Microsoft FastTrack for Office 365 gives businesses a planned three-phase process which is required for a successful rollout.

The Office 365 suite provides companies the compatible and secure tools their employees need to perform well.

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Tanuja Thombre | A Soft Skills and Behavior Trainer by passion and profession, with 8 years of experience into Mortgage Banking sector. Currently I am working as a Training Consultant and I cater to the training needs across various industries. This also allows me to interact with, train and learn various aspects of human modes. Adorned with certifications from various institutes like Dale Carnegie & Steven Covey. I have a natural instinct ...

Tanuja Thombre | A Soft Skills and Behavior Trainer by passion and profession, with 8 years of experience into Mortgage Banking sector. Currently I am working as a...

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