Centage Named an Overall Leader in Dresner 2019 Wisdom of Crowds Enterprise Performance Management Market Study

By TechFunnel Newswire - Last Updated on August 25, 2020
Centage Leader in Dresner 2019 Wisdom of Crowds

PRESS RELEASE – NATICK, MASSACHUSETTS — Centage Corporation (www.centage.com), the leading provider of cloud financial software that transforms how businesses budget, forecast, analyze and report, announced that it was ranked as an Overall Leader in both Customer Experience and Vendor Credibility in the 2019 Dresner Advisory Services Wisdom of Crowds® Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) Study. Centage also received a Perfect Score for Likelihood to Recommend.

“Centage continues to improve its position as a market leader,” said Howard Dresner, founder, and chief research officer at Dresner Advisory Services. “The vendor rankings are based solely on a survey of end-users, and Centage continues to show strong performance as an industry leader, with every Centage customer who participated in recommending them. We congratulate Centage on its strong performance and leadership position in 2019.”

In this year’s study, Centage improved rankings and scores in product quality and usefulness categories. Of specific note within the product, scores are leadership marks and improvements incompleteness of functionality, reliability, scalability, ease of installation, and ease of administration. In addition to product improvements, Centage was acknowledged by Dresner Advisory Services as best in class for customer experience scores in understanding business needs, supporting professionalism, responsiveness, and integrity.

“I’m thrilled to see that Centage improved its position in Dresner’s 2019 survey and was acknowledged as an overall leader this year,” said Centage CEO, John Murdock. “It is proof the advancements we continually make in our software are being well received by the market. Moreover, I’m very proud of this accomplishment, as it reflects the great work being done by the Centage team every day to provide leading-edge software, high value and ROI, and excellent customer service to our user community.”

The study found that the enterprise performance management market is still maturing, with sixty-two percent of survey respondents indicating they are potential users of this type of software. Largely, respondents view enterprise performance management as an important technology, with Finance and Operation functions being the areas with the highest level of adoption. The study further found that annual financial budgets are the highest priority capability for the software to have, positioning Centage’s Planning Maestro as a clear choice for organizations looking to adopt intelligent business planning software.

Centage’s platform combines the power of cloud-based technology with the depth of experience the company has in developing performance and planning solutions. Planning Maestro provides a streamlined, role-based SaaS application with a sophisticated set of budgeting, forecasting, and data analysis tools required to meet the demands of modern companies.

About Centage

Centage Corporation’s Planning Maestro is a cloud-native platform for intelligent planning and analytics that transforms how companies’ budget, forecast and report performance. Centage delivers sophisticated financial intelligence that can be implemented quickly and at an affordable price for small to medium-sized companies. With a direct line-of-sight into the organization’s financial health, Centage clients can react quickly to market changes, take intelligent risks and capitalize on new opportunities. Centage serves over 10,000 users worldwide. Visit Centage.com, follow on Twitter, or visit the Centage Blog for the latest insights.

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