Bringing Data to Life with Office 365

Bringing Data to Life with Office 365

Bringing Data to Life with Office 365

Every individual in nearly every enterprise wants to gain valuable insights and analytics from their data. Microsoft Office 365 is the system that has completely transformed the way data can be presented. Data tools such as Microsoft Excel and Power BI are part of this suite which help to put data visualization at our fingertips.

What exactly does the Office 365 suite do?

  • It enables users to develop deep and powerful data-driven insights
  • It possesses the ability to allow users to collaborate and share information
  • It creates a strong call-to-action
  • It can be used as a great story-teller

Office 365 is a comprehensive productivity solution that has the backbone of strong Power BI, enabling users to derive meaningful and powerful insights and create interactive presentations. Further, it also helps in creating real-time dashboards, generating reports, and collaboration.

The engine that drives Office 365 is Power BI which is an integrative collection of services and features. These services and features allow users to find data, visualize insights, and share information with other members within the organization. It may sound complicated, but Power BI is simple to use. Here is what you can do within the first 10 minutes of using Power BI:

  • Training is done in a self-explanatory manner, so no training sessions are needed.
  • Seamless integration of Power BI with the SQL Server and other existing on-premise databases. This means, you don’t need additional help from IT.
  • Ability to import your Excel spreadsheet into Power BI and start generating insights.
  • Collaborate with other partner spreadsheets using Power BI.
  • No special programming skills needed. Questions can be typed it the search bar or the voice-based interaction feature can be used through your computer’s microphone.
  • Start accessing data from your cloud instantly—anytime and anywhere.
  • Access data from a mobile device or from the web.
  • Start monitoring data in real time.

This powerful tool was created from the suggestions of millions of global users. These users belong to a wide range of startup companies, midsize organizations, and large enterprises. These users continue to contribute to Power BI by sharing insights on how to unlock the tool’s potential and use it in multiple ways. This helps the team at Microsoft to add more value to the tool by adding enhanced features and other improvements.

Want to bring all your company’s data to life? Click on the link below to watch a quick video and to download the whitepaper. Create Vivid Business Insights In No Time With Office 365

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