How a Better Telecom Customer Experience Can Result in Improved Revenue

How a Better Telecom Customer Experience Can Result in Improved Revenue

The previous couple of years have seen gigantic change in the way we communicate with each other. The communication business has changed as new innovations including cell phones, cloud access, and social networks have changed the way we share data and increase the value of our personal and professional lives.

In digital world, Communication Service Providers or CSPs have turned out to be progressively more vital as they move their concentration from just infrastructure to adding value to one’s life, boosting income, and conveying an excellent customer service experience. With increasing competition and the high expenses of the clients, this compels CSPs to work on enhancing customer experience along with a consistent process regardless of the gadget being utilized or channel being accessed.

Be that as it may, consolidation in progress has made overcoming these difficulties more troublesome. It has additionally left CSPs searching for answers in dealing with numerous information storehouses and making a consistent network. CSPs are increasingly adopting the open source Apache Hadoop* platform to store, process, manage, and drive analytics from all of their data. Some CSPs use Hadoop purely as an operational data store to drive operational efficiencies by increasing storage capacity, improving performance, and reducing costs.

Some of the more common applications include real-time network optimization, predictive churn analytics, and real-time fraud analytics. Cloudera Enterprise provides a scalable data management platform that enables CSPs to effectively stitch together a full 360-degree view of the customer across all devices, products, systems, and channels.

CSPs focus basic on three objectives which are decreasing client churn. As per a 2014 report, “CSPs can expect to keep only about 50% of their existing customer base over the next 12 months.” Additionally, about a fourth of all clients all around say that they will change suppliers. Maximize opportunities to enhance client’s revenue. CSPs search for approaches to offer a strong client experience, make new services, and improve offerings in view of the interests of clients. Deliver a customized and consistent client experience. Reducing churn and boosting the supporter base means making a proficient procedure that is consistent over all channels and gadgets, limiting the quantity of technical support calls and expanding brand loyalty.

Want to develop a better telecom customer experience? Click the link below to watch a quick video and to download the whitepaper. 3 Goals of CSPs to Boost Revenue and Improve Customer Experience

Kashish Ambekar
Kashish Ambekar
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