A Guide to the Best Voice Search Apps for Android

By Miguel Pobre - Published on August 5, 2020
Voice Search App for Android

What is voice search app for android

In today’s world, we always have our hands full. This makes having a voice command application to help us with our tasks incredibly valuable. Voice search apps are able to understand us, recognize words and sentences, and perform tasks for us. This idea of speech recognition is not new; however it is becoming very popular around different operating systems and users.

Voice to text applications are easy to find and use, giving many users a relatively smooth experience in terms of accessibility. These apps help users complete daily tasks or even more complex tasks hands-free and ultimately hassle-free.

List of Voice Search Apps for Android

  • Cortana

    Perhaps the leading personal assistant application, Microsoft’s Cortana helps add value to every interaction with a user. It helps connect windows devices, organize and schedule appointments on a calendar, and assist with information and updates among many other features.

  • Google Allo

     An exclusive voice assistant from Google for Android devices, it helps bring all of its best google assistant features onto Android devices. By utilizing Google and its wide database, features to smart reply to contacts and messages and using its GPS/map features, Allo gives Android users a dedicated service powered by one of the most powerful search engines available.

  • AIVC (Alice)

    A unique Android-based assistant, Alice helps bring AI smart assisting to another level. By enabling voice orders, voice searches, and user defined commands, Alice gives a unique personalized experience to its user. It can solve math equations, create lists/reminders and interact with features such as calls/texts.

  • Voice Search – UX Apps

    Surprising to some, Voice Search UX has more highly rated users than Google Assistant. The app has an advanced speech to text engine that helps users complete different tasks easily. Voice Search UX can help users browse the web, search their device for contacts and send messages such as calling, texting and emails easily. The app has many other features but excels as those quickly.

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  • Voice Search – Prometheus Interactive

    Another highly rated voice app, Voice Search by Prometheus Interactive has incredibly accurate voice recognition features and is available in multiple languages. Since it is available with more languages, this gives users more accessibility with a variety of languages implemented and also the ability for users to use their bilingual skills to interact.

  • Bing

    Powered by Microsoft, Bing is full of an incredible library of information that gives its user an experience like no other. As Bing recognizes a person’s value of curiosity and interest, Bing allows users to use points to redeem them. Bing’s search engine strong suit provides incredible accuracy when translating pages, finding similar content to what is searched, and access to information such as the weather and trending content.

  • Magdalm – App Search by Voice

    In the voice assisting game since 2018, Magdalm helps users use applications and complete tasks with their powerful voice assistant system. A unique magnifying glass feature allows voice function while looking at the device and as a very simple interface to help with usability. It has an advanced filter to help search for apps, messages and other systems with ease.

  • Hound Voice Search and Assistant

    An upcoming voice assistant created by SoundHound, its basics are solidified and is paired with features such as a mortgage calculator, Expedia/travel support and using unique sing/hum music search functions. This application is still in beta yet is one of the most unique voice search apps available.

  • Vlingo

    Being marketed as a modern assistant, Vlingo uses its application to virtually assistant users of any kind. By being accessible for all users and many platforms, it can help update Facebook/social media statuses, send messages and search the internet. MC Hammer is quoted on the page saying “Vlingo is dope,”.

  • ChaCha Answers

    Specialized as a search engine application, ChaCha helps provide fast question-to-answer services quickly and efficiently. If speech to text answers is a service that one requires the most, ChaCha has the answers.

  • Amazon Alexa

    One of the most popular voice assistants on the market, Amazon Alexa rivals Google Assistant with its compatibility and ease of use. With more smart devices becoming compatible with Amazon Alexa, its tasks of setting reminders, creating lists, managing schedules and order products becomes easier.

  • Bixby

    Samsung’s virtual assistant Bixby offers many features that help personalize the experience for the user. It’s available in many major languages and can track restaurants, businesses, travel history and health. It cannot recognize speech accents or dialects; however it makes up for it by excelling the personal experience for Samsung users.

  • DataBot

    DataBot is a much simpler version of many platforms listed. DataBot excels in its ease of use and simple solution. By focusing on the simplistic side of voice assisting, it can also be an infotainment device with its ability to tell jokes and ease into its own product.

  • Dragon Mobile Assistant

    Powered by Nuance, Dragon’s voice-recognition software takes on the mobile app. By taking PC-based voice recognition and putting onto an app, users have a powerful voice/speech to text system with them anywhere. Different tiers allow controlling functions of their device to compose messages. Their voice-recognition knowledge exceeds most other apps and companies.

  • Google Assistant

    One of the top voice search apps belongs to one of the biggest and most popular companies, Google. By integrating its assistant into all google home ecosystem devices, it becomes seamless to complete tasks such as managing a schedule/calendar, creating lists/notes, controlling smart-home devices, and setting reminders. Since most phones are compatible with Google assistant, it becomes much easier to implement Google assistant into one’s daily life.

  • Robin

    Created by Audioburst, Robin is a voice assistant that provides an AI based experience when it comes to assisting. Robin assists with playing music, contacting people, posting and sharing to Facebook, and even getting an idea of a parking lot situation based on data on the internet. Being in its beta stage, Robin is constantly learning and improving its system as its being used.

  • Jibbigo Voice Translation

    A specialized translation app, Jibbigo helps give accurate speech-to-text responses in many different languages. It can help pick up on accents and correct them as well. As a dedicated voice translation app, a user can’t find many better applications in terms of diversity and ease of use.

  • ly Pro

    A voice search application that is based around a user driving, it promotes not texting while driving and instead being the perfect hands-free driving companion. This app will read text messages to you and compose responses with your speech. Its free version will read messages to you and the paid version has extra features that makes driving and easy and unique experience. All while being safe and hands-free.

  • Jetson

    Widely regarded as a top voice search application, Jetson has incredible ratings. With its ease of understanding, many supported languages and accurate search results, Jetson helps users get understood and provide accurate feedback to that information.

  • Lyra Virtual Assistant

    A popular name based app from Artificial Solutions, AI based assistants help users by not only interacting with their voice, but also understanding and providing opinions. With a unique experience, Lyra is able to translate words/sentences, find local businesses in your area via maps/GPS, set reminders and find the weather. The more you use Lyra, the more her personality develops and gives the user a unique and personalized experience.

  • Gigaaa – AI Personal Assistant

    Gigaaa is a voice assistant that aims to make the lives of people easier to manage. In a world controlled by Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, it is quite easy to miss other voice assistants that are out there. Gigaaa offers a range of options for companies and consumers to voice their products with “gigaaa inside”. With the plugin tool, users can also navigate through purchases using voice commands.

How to get the Voice Search App for Android

Choosing a Voice Search application(1) for a device is easy once the users recognizes what their most important needs are. Some applications are best used for their specific function while others provide a blanket of accessibility throughout multiple devices or information. Some applications have more or less features that are utilized by the user, so it’s important to value each function and how often it will be used to make the most of the app.

How to use the Voice Search App for Android

It’s important to know when to use a voice assistant. Being safe is always important and remembering that these functions can keep the user safe as well. By being cautious of words said and when a voice assistant may be triggered can help provide a good experience for someone using a voice assistant. Every voice assistant has one goal, and that is to make tasks for the user easier and quicker.

Final Thoughts

Voice Search Apps have begun to popularize as people get busier and their hands become tied to different work. Since these apps are one download/click away, it’s an easy resource for users to complete tasks hands-free. Each app is unique and provides its own personalized experience. As it ultimately comes down to preference, each app still has its strengths and weaknesses that will work out best for certain users. However, all voice search apps can provide value and accessibility to any user.

Miguel Pobre | Miguel Pobre is a freelance content creator based in Portland, OR. He graduated from the University of Oregon with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Journalism and a minor in Business Administration. Alongside writing, Miguel has a passion for photography and design. Connect with him on LinkedIn.

Miguel Pobre | Miguel Pobre is a freelance content creator based in Portland, OR. He graduated from the University of Oregon with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Jou...

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