Joining with HubSpot Joining with HubSpot

steps to use hubspot for recruiting process, a cloud and integration platform that has shown success in recent years, has officially announced their recent decision to join HubSpot as a Connect Certified Partner, independent software vendors who’ve built an integration with HubSpot. HubSpot is a CRM, marketing, sales, and customer service platform that works closely with Connect Partners to help grow their businesses through targeted marketing and business development. Their partnership will see an influx of new ideas drawn toward and their initiatives for the upcoming year.

HubSpot’s Connect Program hosts valuable third-party integrations that make the program versatile and interactive. The Certified Connect Partner (CCP) must comply with a set of guidelines before access, and they must meet specific milestones for amount of installs and positive reviews from customers to gain HubSpot’s approval. Brad Coffey, Chief Strategy Officer at HubSpot, was excited about the recent partnership in a recent interview: “We’re very excited to have join our Connect Program. This new integration brings the power of AI and automation to our customers, making it even easier to quickly achieve their growth goals.”

Ashok Gudibandla, Chief Executive Officer of, was also enthusiastic about their recent entry in the Connect Program:

“This partnership with HubSpot delivers’s power of robust automation and cloud integration to HubSpot customers,” said Ashok Gudibandla, CEO of “This will bring unique value to our mutual customers, and we are seeing tremendous interest already.”

The companies will aim toward a mutualistic approach that will help improve’s marketing and business development in the future. According to Gartner, the enterprise application integration market could exceed $29 billion valuation in 2018. Digital organizations must seek to make improvements to their interfaces, and can benefit from working with HubSpot for new resources and technological advancements.

Mohammad Ali Sultani
Mohammad Ali Sultani
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