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By TechFunnel Contributors - Last Updated on May 25, 2021
Article explains cost required to make app

The mobile app market is not showing any sign of slowing down, and thus a lot of individuals are searching the cost of making an app. Many people use apps to communicate, play games, order online foods, watch sports, or lifestyle. But when you create your mobile app, it is related to business for most of us.

There is good news; you may think it is very costly, but it is not in reality. Further, many mobile app development services will let you create a mobile app all by yourself and for free. Before you review it thoroughly, read along regarding the cost to make an app along with some significant considerations.

What are the different types of apps?

The average cost for making a mobile app hugely depends on the type of app that you select for developing.

  • Native mobile apps

    These are huge and massive mobile apps that focus on the most excellent customer exposure, optimization, and quick work. They might make use of different API of the device and summons a massive variety of specifications simultaneously.

    These mobile apps will be becoming as costly as several mobile platforms that you wish to support, as many people will get involved in its development procedure. Native apps are generally business, entertainment, and education apps.

  • Hybrid apps

    Hybrid apps are also known as cross-platform mobile apps. From the beginning, they are well suited for reaching a broad audience. The development of these apps will cost less if there is an involvement of a team and one single code working for every platform.

    However, they are less optimized and deprived of API access. They are also unable to offer native customer involvement. Hybrid apps are appropriate for creating small or medium communication, mobile apps, and games or lifestyle apps.

  • Essential functionality mobile apps

    They are quick to develop apps. Necessary functionality mobile apps come with hardly any or no specification completely. These mobile apps are designed mostly for personal usage. Probably you will not find anything similar to this in an app store.

    They are made for displaying several topics. A user can click on any one these lists and have a look at the information about it and also open another file.

  • Database-driven apps

    These are highly complex mobile apps that include massive data for operating stored in the memory of the device directly or on any web server. For work as your desire, other specifications such as camera, net connection, or gallery access may also be needed.

    Instances of native apps using device memory for storing data library are several mobile dictionaries and encyclopedias.

  • Mobile apps relying on the firmware or hardware of the device

    Such mobile apps access a device and direct it to enhance its functionality. It may be a flashlight, camera, alarm clock, or other functions. For instance, a mobile app named AlarmMon will let users personalize the alarm clock and also include additional functions such as a puzzle for solving to disable the alarm.

  • Mobile gaming apps

    Games can be simple and developed with physics, 3D graphics, AR support, global ratings, and social media inclusion. A highly complex game will be more expensive. So, it is difficult to exactly tell how much it will cost to make a mobile app without an estimate.

    These apps are known to be the most renowned category of globally and generally the most successful apps. For instance, to develop the popular gaming app Angry Bird it took almost something around $140000 and in its first year, it made around $70 million.

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Who will develop your app?

Many developers are also available and you can hire:

  • Any freelancer or independent contractor
  • Any small application development organization
  • Big companies

Based on what you have decided, the range of price for app development will be changing. Many reasons lie for the structure of pricing of the various development choices. For instance, a freelancer will be the least costly choice. If you wish to spend around $10, 000 on the app development, find a freelancer who will do this job.

Moreover, he may not be perfect for the job. Any developer with high work experience will be charging a lot of money for offering his service. Some risks are also associated with freelancers. As they generally work for many customers, your mobile app development would not be one and only job that they will focus on.

So, there is a high chance that you will not be receiving their best efforts. Hiring any development team will have an impact on the app development price.

Can you develop an app within your budget?

If an individual does not have sufficient funds for developing a completely functional mobile app, he can begin with his available funds. So, develop an MVP or minimum viable product or a proof of concept application. It will have restricted functionality, specifications, and design. However, it will let you begin in the correct path.

It will be an excellent choice for individuals who come up with a wonderful idea but do not own huge funds. The biggest benefit of MVP is that it will be making it convenient if you wish to have secured funding from independent investors once you make up your mind to grow your idea fully.

For better simplify the idea. It will cost you a lot if you wish to make your app perform various things. So, try taking a single component of a highly complex concept, then move on with it. Thus, you will be able to develop an app below $10,000.

Final Thoughts

Many factors will have an impact on the cost of app development. It will depend on who will be developing it, how it is developed, and what individual wishes the app to perform. Developing an app is not inexpensive; within $1000 you will not be getting a lot.

Apps such as WhatsApp will be costing more than any flashlight app. If you are able to spend $10,000, you can start developing a highly functional app. If anyone is low on budget, try to develop a hybrid mobile app or MVP. Your life will become easier if you have more money.

But if you think that spending almost $100,000 on your app will make it successful, then it is not true. So, become aware of what are the apps that can be developed on your decided price. It will be very easier to begin the process of app development.

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TechFunnel Contributors | is an ambitious publication dedicated to the evolving landscape of marketing and technology in business and in life. We are dedicate...

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