Aligning Customer Communications and Customer Expectations in the 21st Century

By Anirudh Menon - Last Updated on January 6, 2020
aligning customer communications and customer expectations in the 21st century

If we look at the business scenario of 21st Century, one element that differentiates a good organization from a great organization is customer communication. However, this component which is supposed to be an integral part of the CX strategy is quite often ignored. Customer communication is not just limited to frontline customer interaction but also involves other avenues such as contracts, call center inquiries, newsletters and email correspondences.

Are there any challenges or roadblocks that organizations might face in trying to implement customer communication strategy? Yes, there are a few. Factors like old legacy systems, outdated processes and technologies can be factors that can prevent in implementing a customer communication strategy.

Is there a solution to this problem? How can organizations can eliminate these challenges and deliver cross channel communication strategy for their customers? One way to achieve this is by having cross functional teams who are totally aligned with the objective defined for delivering the right message for the brand, and thereby delivering customer experience. If organizations want to build trust in the mind of their customers, they need to constantly relay the right message at the right time.

However, there is another side to this entire facet of customer communication. This is about aligning your customer communication with what the customer is expecting. Organizations should listen to what customers must say. If there are specific features in a product that a customer is demanding, then organizations must respond to such requests to ensure that customers are abreast with such developments and the product or service is in line with what they are expecting.

Modern day customers are highly demanding and well informed; thanks to information available through multiple channels. Organizations should ensure that they communicate through the channel that customer prefers. Furthermore, the tone of message along with its style must remain consistent across all channels. This is the way organizations can deliver exceptional customer experience and stay ahead of their competition.

Experience – is nothing but a set of two key elements. First, it consists of all interactions that a customer had with the brand over the course of association with the brand. Second, it comprises of all emotions and feelings that a customer has about the brand. All this put together is what we call – Experience.

Brands can deliver experience to a customer, through right messaging, using the right words, relevant graphics which trigger the emotions of a customer and compel them to purchase a product of the brand.

Want to know more about how to align customer expectations and communication? Click on the link below to watch a quick video and to download the whitepaper Aligning Customer Communications and Customer Expectations In the 21st Century.

Anirudh Menon

Anirudh Menon | I have adorned multiple hats during my professional journey. My experience of 14 years comes in areas like Sales, Customer Service and Marketing. My journey as a professional writer started 5 years back, when I started writing for an in-house magazine for my employer. Having successfully delivered many in-house projects, it encouraged me to take my skill to the world. As on day, I have written articles, blogs website content for vario...

Anirudh Menon

Anirudh Menon | I have adorned multiple hats during my professional journey. My experience of 14 years comes in areas like Sales, Customer Service and Marketing. ...

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